New Exhibit at DC’s Women in the Arts Museum Defies Stereotypes About Women in the Home

"Women House" is an upcoming exhibit at the National Museum of Women in the Arts that hopes to breaks down stereotypes about women. The installation will be on display March 9 to May 28.

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Artists Rights Society
Women House examines conventional ideas about the house as a solely feminine space through photography, sculpture, installation and video works organized across eight themes.
National Museum of Women in the Arts
The exhibit is inspired by a breakthrough project "Womanhouse" from 1972 by Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro, pioneers of the 1970s Feminist Art Movement.

nThe landmark exhibition was the first female-centered art installation to be showcased in the West.
Laurie Simmons
Work by an all-female group of 36 global artists, including Judy Chicago, Mona Hatoum and Louise Bourgeois, will be on display.
Cindy Sherman
Women House first appeared at a French contemporary art space, La Monnaie de Paris, until late January.
Nil Yalter
“This exhibition is partially a political gesture. I am hoping that in 10 years the level of information about women artists will be the same as for male artists," said Camille Morineau, director of exhibitions and collections at La Monnaie de Paris who curatednWomen House with Lucia Pesapane.
"Plaid House (Maquette)" by Laure Tixier explores domestic architecture from worldwide cultures in solid-colored felt sculptures that resemble miniature residential homes, tents, towers, or high-rise buildings, the NMWA website says.
Christopher Burke
The installation will be on view from March 9 to May 28.

nIn anticipation for the exhibit's debut, the museum is hosting a free screening of "Womanhouse" Sunday, March 4 from 2:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. The documentary chronicles the creation and reception of the original "Womanhouse" and looks at feminism through a historical lens.
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