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coronavirus 11 hours ago

Cellphone GPS Data Used to Create Social Distancing Scoreboard

From smart thermometers tracking fever spikes to apps shadowing people’s footsteps the coronavirus has brought to the forefront the delicate balance between technology and privacy protections.  U...

  • coronavirus Mar 31

    New to Teleworking? Here’s How to Secure Your Computers, Networks

    While you might be enjoying the comforts of working from home, cybersecurity experts warn you shouldn’t get too comfortable. “You kind of have to turn your paranoia meter all the way to high and be extra diligent while you’re working from home,” said James Lee, chief operating officer of the Identity Theft Resource...
  • coronavirus Mar 30

    DC VA Med Center Makes Changes Amid Wave of New COVID-19 Cases

    Almost a dozen employees of the Washington D.C. VA Medical Center have tested positive for the coronavirus, and the first death of a patient was reported Monday afternoon. Scott MacFarlane and the News4 I-Team discovered the wave of patients hitting VA hospitals is larger than the agency has reported.

  • coronavirus Mar 27

    Activists Concerned About Inmate Care at DC Halfway House During Pandemic

    Some D.C. community organizers are collecting supplies for the inmates inside one of the nation’s largest halfway houses amid growing calls for action to protect the men inside from contracting the coronavirus and spreading it once they leave. Activists and friends of inmates inside Hope Village on Langston Place SE say people are crowded too close...
  • coronavirus Mar 27

    Committee of Experts on Call for White House During Coronavirus Pandemic

    As we all clamor for information about the COVID-19 virus, our leaders are listening to advice from scientists and medical professionals who’ve spent their careers preparing for a pandemic.  “It’s an important role,” said Dr. Georges Benjamin, one of 20 members of the Standing Committee on Emerging Infectious Diseases an...
  • coronavirus Mar 27

    Tracking Hospital Beds in the DC Area

    States and hospitals are trying to add more bed as they prepare for waves of coronavirus patients. Scott MacFarlane and the News4 I-Team dug through state records to see how many beds local hospitals started the year with. See Maryland’s records here.

  • coronavirus Mar 25

    VA Prepares for Wave of More Coronavirus Cases

    Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie says a wave of patients could soon be coming to VA hospitals across the country and acknowledges a cluster of cases in D.C. Wilkie sat down for an interview with Investigative Reporter Scott MacFarlane.

  • coronavirus Mar 24

    Children’s National Running COVID-19 Tests On-Site for Results Within 90 Minutes

    As doctors and nurses around the country work to conserve personal protective equipment while fighting COVID-19, Children’s National Hospital has developed a way to limit its use by quickly finding out if patients have the virus. They’re getting test results back in just 90 minutes.  “It really is a game changer to be able to ...
  • coronavirus Mar 23

    Stressed TSA Workers Vent on Members-Only Facebook Page

    Air travel is shrinking, and airports are emptying, but TSA officers remain on the frontlines handling not just the remaining passengers, but the stress of working a post during a pandemic. Investigative Reporter Scott MacFarlane reports stress is flaring in some harsh language and debates on TSA “members-only” Facebook pages.

  • coronavirus Mar 20

    DC VA Medical Center Makes Changes During Health Crisis

    The VA system says it’s making changes to protect its patients and staff during this health crisis.
    Scott MacFarlane and the News4 I-Team report.

  • coronavirus Mar 20

    Gun Stores Report Increase in Sales

    Curt Sebastian says he wasn’t expecting a rush of customers but, as a small business owner, he’ll take it. He says fear and uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus have more than doubled sales at his two Northern Virginia gun stores in the past few weeks. “We had no choice but to increase staff at both locations,” Sebastian s...
  • coronavirus Mar 20

    The Need for School Nurses

    When schools reopen, some local students will have more direct access to a registered school nurse than others. A review of state and school records by the News4 I-Team shows a wide range in the number of school nurses employed by local school districts.  Though all public schools provide health care for students, some school districts provide...
  • coronavirus Mar 18

    Protecting TSA Officers During Coronavirus Pandemic

    At least nine Transportation Security Administration officers around the country have caught the coronavirus. News4’s Scott MacFarlane reports on what the agency is doing to protect its employees.

  • internet access Mar 17

    No Access to Broadband Could Impact Online Learning

    Tanya and Tim Brosnan found their dream home in  Fredericksburg, Virginia, last fall, but once they moved in, they realized they couldn’t log in. Their home has no access to broadband. “Honestly, I never even thought that would be a question I would need to ask,” Tanya Brosnan said. “It’s 2020. How can I not get internet?” Their ho...
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