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The most fun things to do and places to be in D.C., Maryland and Virginia
Virginia 16 hours ago

The Weekend Scene: Eat-In Like You’re Dining Out, Complete With Drinks

Everyone across D.C., Maryland and Virginia is under strict social distancing orders heading into the weekend, and that means we’ll need to get creative to have some fun. Many of us like to go o...

  • THE SCENE Mar 6

    The Weekend Scene: What to Do Around DC March 6-8

    Welcome to the first full weekend of meteorological spring. First: It’s the first weekend of meteorological spring, but it’s going to be a little chilly, especially in the mornings. Check out the forecast in your neighborhood. Cherry blossom season is upon us! Peak bloom is predicted for March 27-30. Mark your calendar for all these fav...
  • Mar 4

    The Lane Offers Parents a Night Out Without the Kids

    News4’s Tommy McFly profiles The Lane, a place where parents can enjoy a beer or glass of wine while their kids play. The Lane is also hosting a once-a-month “Parents Night Out” event Friday in which you can drop your child off while you explore burgeoning Ivy City.

  • Cherry Blossoms Mar 4

    Cherry Blossom Peak Bloom Predicted for March 27-30

    D.C.’s famous cherry blossom trees will reach peak bloom around March 27-30, the National Park Service says. Peak bloom is one of the highlights of the National Cherry Blossom Festival Season. It’s when 70% of the Yoshino cherry trees on the National Mall are fully flowering. The National Park Service announced Wednesday when they expec...
  • Super Tuesday Mar 2

    2020 Super Tuesday Watch Party Guide

    Whether you will be coming home from work, school or the polls, are you tired of watching election coverage on your couch? If so, look no further, because many places will be offering viewing parties for Super Tuesday to get you out of the house. Here are some options: Super Tuesday Watch Party with The Outrage and A Tour of…

  • National Mall Mar 29, 2018

    Think You Know Cherry Blossoms? Take Our Quiz

    Here’s a quiz to test your knowledge on the iconic trees that draw visitors from all over the world to D.C. for their beauty.

  • Mar 28, 2018

    Cherry Blossom Festival 2018: 8 Key Events

    We’re still waiting on the actual blossoms, but the National Cherry Blossom Festival is in full swing! Read on for some of the key events, or check out the full schedule here.

  • WASHINGTON Apr 3, 2019

    These Before-and-After Photos Might Make You Rethink Visiting DC’s Cherry Blossoms

    What visions of the cherry blossoms swirl in your head? Romantic picnics? Snapping your next Instagram photo? These are the dreams of the estimated 1.5 million people who visit D.C. every year for the Cherry Blossom Festival. It’s time to wake up.

  • Apr 6, 2018

    Flashback: Your 2018 Cherry Blossom Pics

    The skies might be gray, but the blossoms are still pink, white and gorgeous. Share your photos with us by emailing them to or tweet them @nbcwashington.

  • Cherry Blossoms Feb 28

    DC Cherry Blossoms Reach Bloom Stage 1

    What’s a surer sign of spring in D.C. than a groundhog not seeing its shadow? Buds on the cherry blossoms. The Yoshino cherry blossom trees that ring the Tidal Basin have reached blossom stage one, the National Park Service announced Friday afternoon. The “green bud” stage is the first of six stages, which culminate in beautiful p...
  • THE SCENE Feb 27

    The Weekend Scene: What to Do Around DC Feb. 28-March 1

    Leap into spring with these fun things to do around D.C., Maryland and Virginia this weekend. First: March 1 is the beginning of meteorological spring, but it’s going to be chilly. Check out the forecast in your neighborhood. Are you ready to rock?! The Foo Fighters are teasing that they’ll bring their “Jam” music festival t...
  • THE SCENE Feb 26

    Foo Fighters Tease Washington DC Music Festival

    The Foo Fighters are hinting that they’ll bring a rock festival straight to Washington, D.C. D.C. Jam will be coming soon, the band teased on their social pages over the weekend. This wouldn’t be the Foo Fighters’ first “Jam” festival. They hosted the one-day CalJam in San Bernadino, California, in 2017 and 2018. The F...
  • National Park Service Feb 26

    Park Service to Study Designation for Dodona Manor in Leesburg

    The National Park Service says it will study whether to grant affiliate status to the northern Virginia home of former Secretary of State George C

  • Aug 10, 2017

    Ashley Roberts Sees the Luxurious Lifestyle of New York’s Poshest Pooches

    Get a taste of the high life, New York style. From a five-star hotel exclusively for dogs to a puppy pool party in the Hamptons, it’s clear that NYC really has gone to the dogs!

  • clear the shelters Aug 8, 2017

    Breed Quiz: What Kind of Dog is Best for Your Lifestyle?

    There are a million reasons why people love dogs. They make great companions, provide a slew of the health benefits and love unconditionally. Yet, there are lots of valid reasons why some people opt out of bringing home a furry friend. From cramped living quarters, to allergies, to busy work schedules and social lives, caring for a dog is a......
  • clear the shelters Jul 19, 2017

    Pet-o-nomics: The Cost of Owning a Dog or Cat

    Dogs are known to help reduce stress and teach family members lessons in responsibility — but dog ownership demands fiscal responsibility, too. The costs of bringing an animal into your home go far beyond any initial adoption fee, which will be waved or significantly reduced at hundreds of shelters around the country on August 18 for Clear the Shel...
  • Apr 11, 2016

    10 Most Common Dog Breeds in Shelters Across the US

    Looking to adopt a shelter dog? Here are the 10 most common dog breeds you’ll find in shelters across America. The list is based on information from PetBreeds, a pet research website, which compiled the list from 2015 data of the total number of dogs in animal adoption facilities and shelters by breed. The site also provided some information ...
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