• Texas Oct 28, 2020

    Virus Pushes Twin Cities El Paso and Juarez to the Brink

    A record surge in coronavirus cases has pushed hospitals to the brink in the border cities of El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, confronting health officials in Texas and Mexico with twin disasters in the metropolitan area of 3 million people

  • Associated Press Jul 17, 2019

    Trump's New Asylum Rules Go Into Effect, and Opponents Sue

    Hundreds of immigrants showed up at border crossings Tuesday in hopes of getting into the U.S. but faced the likelihood of being turned away under a new Trump administration asylum rule that upends long-standing protections for people fleeing violence and oppression in their homelands. The policy went into effect Tuesday but drew two swift lawsuits from immigrant advocacy groups in...

  • Mexico Jul 2, 2019

    Mexico Buses Home 70 Asylum Seekers Who Returned From US

    Dozens of Central Americans who had been returned to the border city of Juarez to await the outcome of their U.S. asylum claims were being bused back to their countries Tuesday by Mexican authorities, a first for that size group in the program commonly known as “remain in Mexico.” In a statement, the Foreign Relations Department described it as the...

  • Donald Trump Apr 2, 2019

    Trump's Threat to Close Border Stirs Fears of Economic Harm

    President Donald Trump’s threat to shut down the southern border raised fears Monday of dire economic consequences in the U.S. and an upheaval of daily life in a stretch of the country that relies on the international flow of not just goods and services but also students, families and workers. Politicians, business leaders and economists warned that such a move...

  • Donald Trump Mar 28, 2019

    US Will Reassign Border Inspectors as Illegal Crossings Rise

    The Trump administration said will temporarily reassign 750 border inspectors to address the growing number of migrants arriving at the Mexican border, many of them Central American families who turn themselves in to authorities and seek asylum.

  • NBC Jan 14, 2019

    Expansion of Immigration Policy Making It Harder For Those Seeking Citizenship

    The administration has been enforcing the planned policy change without final approval from the Department of Homeland Security, according to two local immigration attorneys.

  • Donald Trump Dec 31, 2018

    2nd Child Dead in US Custody Mourned in Guatemala Village

    White flowers and flickering candles sat atop a low table inside the simple wooden home in remote, rural Guatemala. Nearby was a small pair of rubber boots, sized to fit an 8-year-old. Taped to the wall were three photos, alternately smiling and serious, bearing a simple epitaph for the boy whose memory the makeshift altar honored: “Felipe Gomez Alonzo. Died...

  • Donald Trump Dec 30, 2018

    Trump Blames Democrats for Migrant Child Deaths at US Border

    In his first public statements on the deaths of two Guatemalan children in U.S. custody, President Donald Trump claimed they were “very sick” before they reached the border and foisted responsibility for their deaths on Democrats, yet both young migrants passed initial health screenings by Border Patrol. While Trump and Democrats traded barbs over immigration policy, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen...

  • Mexico Nov 25, 2018

    Dallas Realtor Dies After Surgery in Mexico Goes Wrong

    A Dallas real estate agent has passed away in El Paso after allegedly suffering severe brain damage from complications she experienced during anesthesia ahead of cosmetic surgeries at a clinic in Juarez, Mexico, according to the woman’s family.

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