Local Artist Brings Bold Style to ‘Black Panther’ Pop-Up Bar

Local artist Demont Pinder has painted politicians, leaders, celebrities and even D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser. Now, he's using his talents and inspiration from the new Marvel movie, "Black Panther," to create art for the pop-up bar celebrating the movie. Below, you can check out some of Pinder's work.

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Demont Pinder
Pinder created a number of "Black Panther" themed works, including the poster-style piece above.
Demont Pinder
"Black Panther" star Danai Gurira is pictured here dressed in the clothing of her character Okoye.
Demont Pinder
Above, a likeness of the Black Panther. Pinder first created the shape of the head with clothing, then finished the details digitally.
Lancaster County District Attorney's Office
Before and after: Pinder morphed some clothes into a black panther shape, then filled in details on the computer.
Demont Pinder
Pinder has painted many black leaders, including former president Barack Obama.
Demont Pinder
Above, rapper Tupac with the words "I'm at war with my own heart sometimes."
Demont Pinder
Jean-Michel Basquiat, above, was a visionary artist who worked with Andy Warhol.
Demont Pinder
Pinder's artistic take on a Jet magazine cover featuring singer, songwriter and producer Marvin Gaye is pictured above.
Demont Pinder
Pinder doesn't shy away from political themes.
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