• Los Angeles Oct 15, 2019

    Julie Andrews Reflects on Her Hollywood Years

    Everyone is on their best behavior when Julie Andrews is around. It’s early June in Los Angeles and Andrews is coming to film segments for a night of guest programming on Turner Classic Movies and speak about her new book, “Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years,” which hits shelves Tuesday. The air is thick with anticipation before her...

  • Los Angeles Oct 1, 2019

    Review: Eddie Murphy Shines in Vulgar, Heartfelt ‘Dolemite'

    For the amount of cursing, vulgarity and nudity in “Dolemite Is My Name ,” it might come as a surprise that it’s actually a rather sweet and heartfelt film. “Dolemite” is not here to shock and scandalize. It’s simply a loving, R-rated portrait of Rudy Ray Moore, a nobody who had the guts to believe in himself when no one...

  • NEW YORK Aug 27, 2018

    The ‘Odd' Genius of Neil Simon

    Near the end of “The Odd Couple,” inveterate slob Oscar Madison rages about a note left on his pillow by his neat-and-control-freak roommate: “We are all out of cornflakes – F.U.” “It took me three hours to figure out that ‘F.U.’ was ‘Felix Ungar,'” an exasperated Oscar moans. That marked perhaps the funniest line ever penned by Simon, the American...

  • NEW YORK Mar 19, 2018

    Feminists Call on Mila Kunis to Turn Down Harvard Award

    A Harvard University theater group with an all-male cast is under fire from those who say it should allow women onstage – and Mila Kunis is being asked to take up the cause.

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