• China Dec 23, 2020

    Photos: Mystery Seeds Mailed From China

    People all over the United States say they have received unsolicited packages of seeds from China. Officials are asking that people not plant the seeds or dispose of them on their own. They should place them in an airtight bag and contact their state agriculture department right away. Below are some examples of the packaging and seeds from Virginia and Maryland’s...
  • China Aug 18, 2020

    Virginia Residents Told to Report Mystery Seed Packages to USDA

    Virginia residents who have received unsolicited packages of seeds from China should send the seeds to the USDA, officials say. The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services said in a news release Monday that residents can file a report with the USDA online. After completing the report, they will then receive instructions on how to mail the seeds. Several…

  • seeds Jul 30, 2020

    DC Gardener Receives Several Packets of Suspicious Seeds From China

    A D.C. woman says she’s received six packets of mysterious seeds in packages appearing to be from China over the past few weeks. Bonnie Heather McCabe, an accomplished gardener who lives in North Cleveland Park, said the plastic packages are labeled as stud earrings or jewelry. McCabe orders a lot of seeds online and suspects whoever sent her the...

  • seeds Jul 29, 2020

    DC Gardener Receives Mystery Seeds From China

    An accomplished gardener in D.C. says she’s received several packets of mysterious seeds from China. News4’s Pat Collins reports on what you should do if you receive them.

  • seeds Jul 29, 2020

    Mystery Seeds Possibly From China Are Being Mailed to Virginia Residents

    If you receive a mysterious package of seeds in the mail, don’t plant them. Several Virginia residents say they received unsolicited packages of seeds that officials believe could be from China, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services said Friday. They say they don’t know what the seeds are or who sent them. The seeds were sent in...

  • China Jul 28, 2020

    Officials Warn: Do Not Plant Seeds From Mysterious Packages

    Residents across the United States are finding packages of seeds mailed to them from China in what is believed to be part of a scam to skew online shopping algorithms.

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