• Donald Trump Nov 10, 2019

    Still Unknown? Many Yet to Form Opinions on Warren

    Warren has risen in the polls for months, among the front-runners now in the 2020 Democratic primary and finding herself portrayed by comedian Kate McKinnon on “Saturday Night Live.” For many people, however, Warren is still a relative unknown, even among those who have begun paying closer attention with voting beginning in under three months.

  • NBC NEWS Aug 29, 2019

    10 Democrats Set for Next Debate as Several Others Miss Cut

    Struggling Democratic presidential candidates are facing the bad news that they are not among the 10 who have qualified for the next debate, a predicament that is likely to spell doom for their campaigns. Hours ahead of a midnight Wednesday deadline to qualify, New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand announced she was dropping out of the race after spending at least...

  • NBC NEWS Aug 28, 2019

    10 Democratic Candidates Make Cut for September Debate

    The stage at the next presidential debate will be a little less crowded. Ten candidates met the new polling qualifications for the next debate, as opposed to the twenty that showed for the first two.

  • Donald Trump Apr 2, 2019

    Trump Defers Push for Health Plan After GOP Resistance

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell warned President Donald Trump to hold off action in Congress to replace the Affordable Care Act, telling him to instead take it on the road as a 2020 campaign issue. The two spoke Monday ahead of Trump’s evening tweets suggesting he had moved off his push for a big new health care bill. “I made...

  • Donald Trump Nov 5, 2018

    Battle Over Taxes and Deficits: Connecticut Governor Race Remains Tight

    Neil Covert wants to replace Connecticut’s outgoing Democratic governor, Dannel Malloy, with a Republican who will not propose higher taxes or tolls on the state’s highways as a way to tackle the state’s financial problems. On Tuesday, the 49-year-old Kent resident will vote for Bob Stefanowski, who is in a tight race against Democrat Ned Lamont. Stefanowski says he will...

  • Donald Trump Jul 24, 2018

    A Majority Thinks Russia Has Dirt on Trump, New Poll Shows

    A week after President Donald Trump’s widely panned meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, a new poll shows that a majority of Americans believes the Kremlin has compromising information on the American leader. By a 51-to-35 percent margin, U.S. voters are convinced the Russian government has dirt on Trump, according to a Quinnipiac University National Poll, CNBC.com...

  • JUDGE May 23, 2018

    Can Anything Stop Foreign Government Favors to Trump?

    First came news that a Chinese government-owned company had signed on to help build an Indonesian project that will include a Donald Trump-branded hotel and golf course. Then, days later, the president tweeted that his administration would ease sanctions against a Chinese smartphone maker accused of espionage. “Too many jobs in China lost,” he wrote. Ethics watchdogs and political adversaries...

  • Donald Trump Jan 16, 2018

    Trump Ends 1st Year With Lowest Average Approval Rating

    This is a record not to be coveted: Donald Trump is wrapping up a year in office with the lowest average approval rating of any elected president in his first year. That’s according to polling by Gallup, which shows that Trump has averaged just a 39 percent approval rating since his inauguration. The previous low was held by Bill Clinton,...

  • Donald Trump Dec 15, 2017

    White House to Push Merit-Based Immigration in New Campaign

    The White House is embarking on a major campaign to turn public opinion against the nation’s largely family-based immigration system ahead of an all-out push next year to move toward a more merit-based structure. The administration was laying the groundwork for such a drive even before an Islamic State-inspired extremist who was born in Bangladesh tried to blow himself up...

  • Donald Trump Aug 4, 2017

    Poll: Trump Approval Hits New Low

    President Donald Trump’s approval has hit a new low, according to a Quinnipiac University poll. The poll, conducted by Quinnipiac University, found that 33 percent of those surveyed approve of the job Trump is doing. The president’s disapproval was at 61 percent, 6 points higher than Quinnipiac’s last poll on June 29. The Quinnipiac poll also found that among white...

  • Donald Trump May 11, 2017

    Trump Losing Some Support From Key Parts of His Base: Poll

    President Donald Trump’s approval with American voters has slipped in recent weeks, including among key groups that helped to fuel his electoral win last year, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday. As CNBC reported, only 36 percent of voters approved of how Trump is handling the presidency, while 58 percent disapproved. That compares to 40 percent approval and...

  • Mayor Jan 18, 2017

    Hillary Clinton Would Crush Bill de Blasio in NYC Mayor Race: Poll

    Hillary Clinton would crush New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio in a head-to-head matchup if she ran as an independent, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll released on Wednesday.

  • Facebook Oct 15, 2016

    Singers Question Performing Anthem After NFL Protest

    Grammy-winning R&B singer Anthony Hamilton has sung the national anthem in the past. Don’t ask him to sing it in the near future. Hamilton’s frustration with “The Star-Spangled Banner” is shared by some other black Americans, who feel like the tune sung before major U.S. events is not the best representation of all Americans. That sentiment became part of the...

  • Donald Trump Feb 25, 2016

    Trump Trumps Rubio Among Florida Republicans: Poll

    According to the latest Quinnipiac University poll, Donald Trump leads South Florida native Sen. Marco Rubio 44-28 percent among likely Republican primary voters.

  • California Jul 24, 2015

    Boyfriend Charged in Reality Star Loredana Nesci Death

    Robert Reagan was charged Friday with murder in the stabbing death of his longtime girlfriend Loredana Nesci, a Los Angeles lawyer turned reality TV star.

  • United States Mar 4, 2015

    70% of Americans Think Unvaccinated Children Shouldn't Go to School: Poll

    Most Americans feel children who have not been vaccinated should not be allowed to attend school, a new Quinnipiac University poll reveals.

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