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Happy Census Day!

Don't send a card, send in your form



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    It's no April Fools' joke, today is Census Day, and the government wants you to help make sure no practical jokes are played out in your community.

    Send in the form.

    That'll also keep you from getting a phone call or a knock at the door by a census worker looking for the information the government needs.

    About 134 million forms were sent. So far, more than half of them have been returned.

    You can see how your area is doing by checking out the government's interactive map.

    Slightly more than half of Virginia (57 percent) and Maryland (54 percent) forms have been returned.

    Just 47 percent of forms have been returned from D.C.

    Dubuque City, Iowa, leads the nation with a 70 percent return rate.

    If a census worker has to come to your home to get the information, it'll cost the government another $57.

    If everyone sends in the form, it'll save taxpayers $1.5 billion.

    The house calls start in May.