• Music Apr 16

    Luxe Life: Look Inside Gene Simmons' Beverly Hills Estate

    Rock legend Gene Simmons is selling his California house, it features 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, formal and informal dining rooms, a great room, office, bonus room and bar. Listed by Douglas Elliman’s Altman Brothers for $21,995,000. ‘Luxe Life with Derek Z’ gives us a tour.

  • Eric Hinton Oct 3, 2019

    Jumping the Shark? Kiss Will Play for Them in the Ocean

    Having played nearly every corner of the Earth in a nearly 50-year career, the rock band Kiss is taking its show to a new place — under the sea, where they will perform for great white sharks and eight fans separated from them by a small submarine. As part of a promotion by Airbnb, the fans and Kiss will travel...

  • Facebook Dec 18, 2017

    Kiss' Gene Simmons Accused of Sexual Misconduct in Lawsuit

    KISS singer and bassist Gene Simmons says he intends to defend himself in court after a woman sued him for sexual battery and other alleged misconduct. In a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles on Friday and posted on the Orange County Register’s website, an anonymous woman, who describes herself as a “long-time on-air personality for a local rock station,” says...

  • Los Angeles Nov 28, 2017

    How James Franco Made a Good Movie About the Worst Film Ever

    There are bad movies, and then there is “The Room,” a spectacularly bizarre independent drama from 2003 starring, written, financed and directed by Tommy Wiseau, a unique-looking and accented man of ambiguous age and origin. “The Room” tells the story of a San Francisco banker, Johnny (Wiseau), whose fianc√©, Lisa, and best friend, Mark, have an affair. And it is...

  • Los Angeles Sep 28, 2017

    Bunnies, Celebrities Pay Tribute to Playboy's Hugh Hefner

    For decades, Hugh Hefner was the pipe-smoking, silk pajama-wearing center of a constant fantasy party at Playboy mansions in Chicago and then in Los Angeles. The icon left a mark on American culture and his death triggered an outpouring of tributes on social media.

  • Texas Aug 2, 2017

    Calf That Looks Like KISS Frontman Gene Simmons Born in Texas

    A newborn calf in Texas has strikingly similar black-and-white facial markings to KISS frontman Gene Simmons, and the rock star likes their shared look. Simmons’ onstage persona includes face paint, black leather clothing and wild hair. He tweeted his admiration for the calf named Genie, saying, “This is real, folks!!!” The female calf was born Friday at a ranch near...

  • Representative Aug 21, 2015

    Police Serve Search Warrant at Home of Kiss Rocker Gene Simmons

    The Los Angeles Police Department executed a search warrant at Gene Simmons’ house on Thursday, police said.

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