• CONGRESS Apr 11

    Adopted Abroad as Infants, Raised in US, and Now — They May Face Deportation

    An NBC Bay Area investigation has discovered tens of thousands of U.S. residents, adopted as infants from foreign countries, and raised in the United States, now face possible deportation – because they are technically not citizens.

  • LEADER Nov 14, 2019

    Israel Resumes Strikes on Gaza After Rocket Fire

    Israel says it has resumed strikes on targets linked to the Islamic Jihad militant group in Gaza after it fired a number of rockets into Israel. The announcement by the Israeli military early Friday indicated that an unofficial cease-fire declared nearly 24 hours earlier was breaking down.

  • Miami Oct 30, 2019

    Venezuela's Battle to Keep Prized Citgo Refineries Hits US Courts

    Venezuela’s opposition led by Juan Guaidó took its fight to keep control of its prized Citgo refineries to the U.S. courts on Tuesday in an attempt to block bondholders from foreclosing. Guaidó’s team argues that socialist President Nicolás Maduro in 2016 put Citgo up as collateral in an ill-advised debt swap without the opposition-controlled National Assembly’s approval — making the...

  • ATTORNEY Oct 2, 2019

    Israel Begins Netanyahu's Pre-Indictment Corruption Hearing

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s long-awaited pre-indictment hearing on corruption charges began Wednesday in Jerusalem, as a jittery political world eagerly sought clarity on his legal standing amid the stalemate that followed the country’s second inconclusive election of the year. Netanyahu is currently struggling to prolong his lengthy rule by building a unity government with his primary opponents, the centrist...

  • Heather Navarro Sep 25, 2019

    Disturbing Attack on Real Estate Agent Captured on Camera in Encino

    Police are looking for the visitor to an open house in Encino who was caught on camera abruptly pushing the real estate agent to the ground, and then bending over her as she screamed.

  • Donald Trump Sep 21, 2019

    Trump Heads to UN With Long List of Deals He's Yet to Close

    President Donald Trump, a self-described deal-maker, is saddled with a long list of unresolved foreign policy deals he has yet to close heading into his U.N. visit this coming week. There are challenges with Iran, North Korea, the Afghan Taliban, Israel and the Palestinians — not to mention a number of trade pacts. Some are inching forward. Some have stalled....

  • Donald Trump Sep 11, 2019

    Inside Bolton's Exit: Mongolia, a Mustache, a Tweet

    It was a marriage that was never going to last: Trump and Bolton rarely saw eye to eye on global hotspots. The national security adviser held far more hawkish views than the “America first” president on matters like Iran, North Korea and Afghanistan. “John Bolton is absolutely a hawk,” Trump told NBC in June. “If it was up to him,...

  • Donald Trump Sep 10, 2019

    Trump Fires National Security Adviser John Bolton

    President Donald Trump has fired National Security Adviser John Bolton, according to a tweet.

  • Donald Trump Jun 5, 2019

    SEC Moving to Require Brokers to Reveal Conflicts for Advice

    Federal regulators are moving to require that brokers provide their customers with detailed disclosures of their potential conflicts of interest when dispensing advice for retirement planning and other investments. But critics say the Securities and Exchange Commission’s new measure, supported by the financial industry, doesn’t go far enough to protect retail investors against abuses. They say a stricter standard advanced...

  • Donald Trump Jun 3, 2019

    Russia Probe Witness Arrested on Child Porn Charges

    A businessman who helped broker a meeting between an ally of President Donald Trump and an official of the Russian government has been arrested on child pornography charges, federal prosecutors disclosed Monday. George Nader, a witness in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation who is mentioned in his 448-page report, was arrested Monday after he arrived at John F. Kennedy...

  • energy May 28, 2019

    Michigan State Chooses New President After Sex Abuse Scandal

    Dr. Samuel Stanley Jr., a medical researcher who has led Stony Brook University in New York for nearly a decade, was named Tuesday as the next president of Michigan State University in the wake of the most extensive sexual abuse scandal in sports history. Stanley was chosen in an 8-0 vote by the school’s board of trustees, effective Aug. 1....

  • Donald Trump May 28, 2019

    Trump in Japan: Pomp and Tense Circumstance

    All the pomp and pageantry in the world couldn’t paper over the tensions between President Donald Trump and Japan’s Shinzo Abe on two of their most pressing issues: North Korea and trade. The president and prime minister tried mightily to minimize their differences during Trump’s four-day state visit to Tokyo, while playing up their close personal friendship and their countries’...

  • United States May 21, 2019

    Prosecutors Seek Early Release for Notorious Drug Kingpin

    An unprecedented hearing is set to happen Tuesday in D.C. Prosecutors are going to ask that Rayful Edmond III, a notorious drug lord who fueled the crack epidemic in the 1980s, be released from prison early. News4’s Jackie Bensen reports.

  • May 15, 2019

    House Bill Could Help Foreign Adoptees Who Learned They Aren't US Citizens

    Relief could be coming for tens of thousands of people adopted from foreign countries as children only to learn years later they are not U.S. citizens. Investigative Reporter Jodie Fleischer has details on a bill introduced in Congress Tuesday that could fix the problem.

  • United States May 15, 2019

    House Bill Could Help Foreign Adoptees Who Later Learned They Aren't US Citizens

    The News4 I-Team found tens of thousands of people who were brought to the United States when they were adopted later learned they aren’t U.S. citizens.

  • Egypt May 6, 2019

    Gaza Quiet After Israel, Hamas Agree to Cease-Fire

    The Israeli military lifted protective restrictions on residents in the south on Monday, while Gaza’s ruling Hamas militant group reported a cease-fire deal had been reached to end the deadliest fighting between the two sides since a 2014 war. The escalation had killed 25 on the Gaza side, both militants and civilians, while on the Israeli side four civilians were...

  • Donald Trump Apr 18, 2019

    Kremlin Says Kim Jong Un Will Visit Russia This Month

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will visit Russia later this month, the Kremlin said Thursday, in a meeting that offers President Vladimir Putin an opportunity to emerge as a broker in the long-running nuclear standoff and raise Russia’s profile in regional affairs. The Kremlin said in a brief statement Thursday that Kim will visit Russia “in the second half...

  • Virginia Apr 2, 2019

    GOP: Dems Won't Hold Bipartisan Hearing for Fairfax Accusers

    House Republicans said Tuesday that they tried and failed to broker a deal with Democrats that would allow for a bipartisan public hearing in which two women who accuse Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of sexual assault could testify under oath.

  • VMS Apr 2, 2019

    GOP Effort to Hold Fairfax Hearings Falls Flat

    Two women accusing Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of sexual assault have come forward with their stories on national television. Now, Republicans are accusing Democrats of blocking their latest proposal to hold hearings on the allegations. News4’s Julie Carey reports.

  • Israel Mar 31, 2019

    Israel, Hamas Take First Steps Toward Gaza Cease-Fire Deal

    A cease-fire deal appeared to take hold between Israel and Gaza’s Hamas rulers on Sunday, with Israel expanding the permitted fishing zone and easing some tight restrictions on movement through its two main crossings with the Palestinian enclave. Egyptian mediators have worked in recent days to broker a cease-fire agreement, but talks have been repeatedly interrupted by Palestinian rocket attacks...

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