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Search Warrant Executed on Local Fire Station

Investigators looking into string of suspicious fires



    Search Warrant Executed on Local Fire Station
    Several firefighters have been suspended as part of an investigation into a string of suspicious fires.


    They're the ones who are supposed to be stopping fires, but some volunteer firefighters in Prince George's County are under the microscope in the investigation into a cross-county arson spree.

    Arson investigators executed a search warrant at the Riverdale Fire Station on Queensbury Road Monday afternoon as part of an investigation into six suspicious fires since Valentine's Day.

    News 4 has learned that the search by local and federal investigators stemmed from a sealed search warrant in a case that has been under investigation for several months.

    Fire Station Served Search Warrant

    [DC] Fire Station Served Search Warrant
    Some firefighters could be in trouble after arson allegations surface.
    (Published Tuesday, May 5, 2009)

    The string of fires started in February and went through the end of March. During that time, six empty homes burned in different parts of the county, including Riverdale, Beltsville, Chapel Oaks, and Ft. Washington. Some of those homes were on the market; others were slated for demolition.

    Several volunteer firefighters from different county fire stations have been questioned in connection with the case, and some have been suspended.

    Prince George's Co. Fire and EMS officials cannot comment on the search warrant because it is part of an ongoing investigation.

    The department released the following statement on the investigation last month: "The Riverdale Fire Department its members, and its officers have been cooperating 100% with investigators to ensure a prompt and accurate resolution to these allegations."