Inside the Fall ’09 District Sample Sale

Missed the District Sample Sale? Check out what went on at the hottest shopping event of the season.

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Kashi Sehgal, a former D.C. resident who was back in town on business, snapped up several dresses and tops.
The District Sample Sale returned to Georgetown last night for an evening of bargain-basement prices from some of the area's hottest boutiques.
The event was light on accessories, but Proper Topper's display included a variety of colorful baubles.
This snappy dresser works for Betsey Johnson -- gee, can ya tell? -- but was helping out with her friend's jewelry business last night.
This pile of pink boxes housed a variety of Paul Mayer flats for $50 each -- but our attention quickly went to the display at SimplySoles.
Shop first, eat later! Nibblies included hummus and veggies, mini paninis, and elsewhere, plenty of cupcakes (natch).
Held in an empty converted former town house, the sale had multiple rooms for vendors to spread out. And once the doors opened for the crowds outside, they definitely needed it.
Carissa DiMargo,
Despite humid temps inside once things really got going, many shoppers were on the hunt for fall and winter items in bold textures and patterns.
Carissa DiMargo,
A wide open space at the back -- which last year was packed with vendors -- was a hint that the recession may have held back some shops from participating this time.
Carissa DiMargo,
Many shoppers weren't shy about the lack of real dressing rooms -- they wriggled into clothes right out in the open.
Carissa DiMargo,
Although most items were from previous seasons, some boutiques -- like Sangaree -- also offered current-season clothing at slightly discounted prices.
These racks advertising 80 percent off were hastily picked over.
Shoppers had to move fast -- if you even thought you MIGHT want something, you had to grab it quickly!
Carissa DiMargo,
The Sweetflow yogurt mobile was parked right outside of the event -- meaning it was directly across the street from its corresponding store, Sweetgreen. The humor wasn't lost on the yogurt vendors, who happily gestured through the windows at their store.
Food lasted a bit longer on the second floor -- perhaps because everyone was distracted by the table covered in cupcakes.
Carissa DiMargo,
This woman was a VERY good sport about posing in a scarf/hat combo, available from Emily Grace.
Carissa DiMargo,
Shoppers were generally congenial to each other -- this was no Filene's Running of the Brides!
Carissa DiMargo,
Clothes of all different seasons were often mixed in together. Shoppers were responsible, opting for fall items, until the building heated up and suddenly many started looking at halter tops and peeptoes again.
Courtesy of Kaimuloa Family
Although accessories were in fairly short supply, the selection was slightly better on the second floor.
Carissa DiMargo,
Many vendors stuck their summer clothes up on display, knowing that shoppers were more likely to opt for the seasons coming up.
Carissa DiMargo,
Those with VIP tickets got in an hour earlier than those with general admission. At 6:30, things started to get a LOT more crowded.
Carissa DiMargo,
Statement necklaces and retro-style beads are going to be big this fall.
Last fall's jewel tones are slowly being replaced by candy colors.
Carissa DiMargo,
These bright leather bags, priced at $300, were on the higher end for the District Sample Sale.
Newtown Police
If you have an iron will -- and don't mind bumping elbows with a couple hundred other women -- you'll probably do just fine at the District Sample Sale. The next one is in six months.
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