PHOTOS: Celebrating Capital Pride

D.C.'s Capital Pride flooded the streets in rainbow this weekend and we've got the photo recap. Check out our gallery for all the fun you may have missed or want to relive again.

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Marina di Marzo
Capital Pride paraded its way through the weekend, supporting the D.C. LGBTQIA community. Rainbow colors filled the streets around Dupont Circle and even Daniel Franzese made an appearance -- you go, Glen Coco! Click through our gallery and virtually experience the celebration you may have missed or relive those glorious moments.
Marina di Marzo
The crowd prepares for the upcoming parade.
Marina di Marzo
Every good celebration needs a rainbow-colored cake.
Marina di Marzo
Pipe organs and kilts brought a Celtic vibe to the celebration.
Marina di Marzo
Even D.C. police supported the LGBTQIA community.
Marina di Marzo
Live marching bands and DJs were featured throughout the parade.
Marina di Marzo
Actor Daniel Franzese made an appearance and shouted his go-to phrase, "You go, Glen Coco," while throwing beads into the crowd.
Marina di Marzo
Beads are always a hot item at the parade.
Marina di Marzo
Christian groups who support LGBTQIA rights made sure to share their good vibes.
Marina di Marzo
The 2015 Miss Gay D.C. America pageant winner made a sequined appearance.
Marina di Marzo
We Are Washington D.C. was one of many organizations that handed out color-coordinated beads.
Marina di Marzo
The British invasion came complete with a trolley and countless tiny English flags.
Marina di Marzo
Our "Hot Talk" host Kane, along with his fellow hosts over at The Kane Show on Hot 99.5, strolled in with their own float and live DJ.
Marina di Marzo
People of all ages were featured in the parade. This little girl even got her own ride.
Marina di Marzo
The parade gave a nice atmosphere for couples to commemorate their love.
Marina di Marzo
Some drag queens brought glamour, while others brought camp.
Even dogs were able to get in on the fun and sport their rainbow wear.
Marina di Marzo
Staying after the parade gave people the extra bonus of collecting whatever was left behind.
Marina di Marzo
The Capital Pride parade is always filled with community and pizzazz.
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