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D.C. Among the Best Cities at Happy Hour



    D.C. Among the Best Cities at Happy Hour
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    If you want to get happy after work today, D.C. is one of the best places to do it.

    According to CNBC.com and GoTime.com, D.C. is the second best city for Happy Hour in the country, beating New York City, Seattle, and San Diego. Portland, Oregon, was No. 1.

    The decision was made by Jeff Khadavi, co-founder of GoTime.com. Khadavi dug deep into his pool of more than 25,000 Happy Hour listings in more than 60 cities to determine the winners. He based his selections upon the quality, variety and total number of Happy Hours per city. The user ratings from GoTime's website and mobile app were also a determining factor.

    So, what makes D.C. come out near the top? The District has 880 Happy Hour venues within the city limits. That's about 13 Happy Hour locations per squre mile. D.C. also boasts a vibrant crowd of young professionals, working professionals and college students. So opening a bar, lounge or club is a viable option for small business owners.