Mister Rogers Exhibit Opens in Crystal City

A portrait exhibit called "Mister Rogers: Just the Way You Are” is now open at the PBS' headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. The free exhibit includes photos, mixed-media paintings and artifacts that resemble or come from the "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" show. It is on display until May 21.

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Caroline Tucker WRC-TV
Caroline Tucker WRC-TV
A new portrait exhibit called "Mister Rogers: Just The Way You Are” has premiered at PBS' headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" aired on PBS.
Caroline Tucker WRC-TV
Crystal City is the first stop on the exhibit’s tour.
It is located in the lower lobby of the building that leads to PBS.
Caroline Tucker WRC-TV
There are several childhood photos of Rogers as a young boy, as well as several vintage "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" LPs and audio cassettes in the gallery.
Caroline Tucker WRC-TV
The featured artwork includes an interactive mixed-media portrait, which uses artifacts that belonged to Fred Rogers.
Caroline Tucker WRC-TV
The artist, Wayne Brezinka, of Nashville, Tennessee, built a replica of the bench from the television show for the exhibit.
Caroline Tucker WRC-TV
The exhibit will be on display through May 21.
Caroline Tucker WRC-TV
It is free to view.
After Crystal City, the exhibit will travel to several stops in the Pittsburgh area, including Rogers’ former PBS studio and the Fred Rogers Center in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.
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