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Manassas Man Mark Holt Accused of Impersonating Police



    Manassas Man Accused of Impersonating Police

    Northern Virginia Bureau reporter David Culver talks with the wife of a man arrested and accused of impersonating police. (Published Thursday, March 20, 2014)

    A Manassas, Va., man is charged with impersonating a police officer in Fairfax County.

    Officers pulled over Mark Holt, 32, on Tuesday along Interstate 66 near the Fairfax County Parkway. Investigators said he was wearing a badge around his neck that suggested he was with the Department of Justice.

    "It was quickly apparent to the officer that this was fictitious," said Officer Bud Walker. "After the man was arrested it became known that he had a handgun as well as a stun gun, both of which convicted felons are prohibited from having in their possession in the Commonwealth of Virginia."

    "If there's a gun in the car, it's my gun," said a woman named Roxy, who answered the door at Holt's Manassas home and said she was his wife.

    Fairfax County police told News4 that Holt is a convicted felon, but they wouldn't elaborate on his criminal history.

    Outside the Manassas home, a white sedan with stickers reading "United States District Court" was parked in front.

    "He] put it on himself, but that's neither here nor there," Roxy said.

    She insisted Holt was not pretending to be an officer and never has. She's angry police arrested her husband and added that his badges are legitimate, claiming that he's a federal process server.

    Holt is not accused of using the police credentials on others, police said.

    "We don't have anything to suggest that he's done anything else with this false and fake identification," Officer Walker said. "But if he has and someone knows something about that we'd love to hear from them."