MLK Day at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

Many visitors chose to spend part of MLK Day at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, located in the West Potomac Park near the National Mall.

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NBC4 Washington
Brenda Sharpe, from Alexandria, Virginia, said she grew up in North Carolina. "I feel wonderful. This beautiful black man had went through so much for so many years to bring us all together."
NBC4 Washington
NBC4 Washington
Sharpe: "It makes me feel good, because years ago, we weren't able to go to certain places. I remember it well."
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Michelle Turner, from Alexandria, Virginia, brought her son, Maximus Turner, to the memorial as part of their MLK Day celebration.
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The official address of the monument, 1964 Independence Avenue, SW, commemorates the year the Civil Rights Act of 1964 became law.
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The monument is a granite statue carved by sculptor Lei Yixin.
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This quote came from a King speech in Birmingham, Alabama, on Apr. 16, 1963.
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This quote also came from a King speech in Birmingham, Alabama, on Apr. 16, 1963.
Darius Bourne, from Richmond, Virginia, takes a moment to reflect on one of King's quotes.
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Sebastian Coates, from Baltimore, looks at the Inscription Wall, which stress the four primary messages of King: justice, democracy, hope, and love.
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Sebastian came down from Baltimore with his dad, Alexis Coates, and stand in front of a 1955 speech by King during the time of the Montgomery Bus Boycott in Montgomery, Alabama.
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