• sharks Apr 22

    Sharks: An Up Close Look at the Ocean's Vulnerable Apex Predator

    Sharks aren’t mindless killers — they are smart, social creatures that play a vital role in the ocean ecosystem. But globally, tens of millions of sharks are killed every year. LX News host Tabitha Lipkin took a swim with some sharks to teach us more about why we should care about their fate, and what we can do to help...

  • sharks Mar 17

    NY Man Pleads Guilty to Shark Trafficking for Pool Full of Sharks in His Backyard

    A New York man pleaded guilty to illegally keeping protected sharks in a pool at his Dutchess County home and selling them over the Internet, the state attorney general’s office said Wednesday. Joshua Seguine, 40, of LaGrangeville, pleaded guilty to illegal commercialization for having and intending to sell seven sandbar sharks, the AG’s office said in a statement. According...

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