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  • cybersecurity Feb 7

    DC Homeland Security Director Criticized for Delayed Cybersecurity Report

    A D.C. councilman sternly criticized the District’s homeland security director Thursday over a 2018 cybersecurity report withheld from the public for more than a year. Councilman Charles Allen called that unacceptable and was particularly concerned that the D.C. Council didn’t even get to see it until just a few weeks ago.   “The law clearly states the report is to...

  • cybersecurity Feb 6

    DC Homeland Security Director in Hot Seat Over Delayed Report

    Stern criticism from a D.C. councilman to the District’s homeland security director over a year-old cybersecurity report that was withheld from the public. The News4 I-Team had been pressing for its release and finally got it just this week. Investigative Reporter Jodie Fleischer reports.

  • cybersecurity Feb 6

    DC Releases Previously Withheld 2018 Cybersecurity Report

    District leaders have released a 2018 cybersecurity report they previously had been withholding from the public. The News4 I-Team spent months trying to get a copy of the report, which was at one point deemed a security risk, even though it was produced for the public per D.C. law. The report assesses how the District is doing in preventing and...

  • cybersecurity Feb 5

    DC Releases Cybersecurity Report

    D.C.’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency just released a 2018 cybersecurity report that it had been withholding from the public. The News4 I-Team spent months trying to get a copy. At one point, the report was deemed a security risk even though it was produced for the public per D.C. law. Investigative Reporter Jodie Fleischer reports on what it...

  • cybersecurity Jan 11

    DC Won’t Release Public 2018 Cybersecurity Report

    Two members of the D.C. Homeland Security Commission are questioning the District’s decision to not release a cybersecurity report the members say they prepared for the public. On Friday, a second member told the News4 I-Team the report was completed in 2018, but the commission was immediately met with delays and resistance from District leaders over its release.   The...

  • cybersecurity Jan 10

    DC Will Not Release Public Cybersecurity Report

    District leaders said Thursday they will not release a 2018 cybersecurity report that was expected to be made public. Just last week, the News4 I-Team reported about delays in its release after spending months trying to get answers. Investigative Reporter Jodie Fleischer has the details.

  • cybersecurity Jan 10

    DC Homeland Security Commission ‘Annual’ Report Long Overdue

    When D.C. government created a Homeland Security Commission in 2006, the goal was to pull together top experts from around the capital region to offer recommendations to make the District safer, but 12 years later, the News4 I-Team found that commission only produced two “annual” reports, the most recent of which was in 2015.

  • cybersecurity Jan 3

    Officials Question Delays in Release of DC Homeland Security Commission Report

    Iran says the U.S. will face a crushing response for the airstrike that killed Gen. Qasem Soleimani. The State Department already issued an alert urging Americans to leave Iraq immediately, and there’s concern U.S. troops throughout the Middle East could be in more jeopardy now, but stateside, the biggest threat is likely a cyberattack. Almost two years ago, the News4...

  • VMS Apr 25, 2018

    Nearly Defunct DC Homeland Security Commission Gets New Life

    Some terrorists target major cities with cyberattacks. Investigative reporter Jodie Fleischer is here with a look at just how prepared the capital region is.

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