Photos: ‘Mirror Mirror’ Artwork Reflects Old Town Alexandria’s Past, Present

A revamped and expanded Waterfront Park in Alexandria opens with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Saturday, alongside an 8-foot-tall art installation that's sure to catch your eye.

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Misha Enriquez for Visit Alexandria
"Mirror, Mirror" will be hard to miss: The 8-foot-tall, 25-foot-long open circle features surfaces that reflect its surroundings in unexpected ways, according to a press release from the New York-based designer, SoftLab.
Photography by Alan Tansey
Visitors can go inside and see themselves reflected in a rainbow-colored "forest of light," the designer says. If they make a sound, the interactive artwork will respond with light.
Photography by Alan Tansey
"We hope 'Mirror Mirror' will visually blend the waterfront, the fabric of Old Town and the activity of pedestrians in the new park," said artist and architect Michael Szivos.
Outside the circle also features mirrors meant to create a panoramic vision of Old Town and the river.
"Mirror Mirror" was inspired, in part, by an Alexandria landmark: the Jones Point Lighthouse, which used a Fresnel lens. It was the most advanced lens technology of the 1800s, using a series of prisms to concentrate light into a narrow beam.
Photo by Evan Michio
The Jones Point Lighthouse, in Alexandria, inspired the installation.
Misha Enriquez
"Mirror, Mirror" opens March 30 at Interim Waterfront Park in Alexandria and stays open through November.
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