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Driver Pulls Machete on Virginia Couple Amid Spate of Road Rage Cases

Here are road rage safety tips to remember in case you encounter an aggressive driver

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A man pulled a machete on a Virginia couple in yet another road rage case that has D.C.-area drivers wondering how to avoid unexpected, violent confrontations.

A psychotherapist tells News4 that the slow reopening after a year inside may factor into these cases.

One of the most recent incidents happened Saturday in Prince William County, at Jefferson Davis Highway and Squire Lane.

A 29-year-old man got out of his car and allegedly pulled out a machete on a man and a woman, police say.

He drove away, and no one was hurt. However, police say it’s another example of road rage in the capital region

Last week, D.C. police released surveillance video from May 19 showing a woman and her kids in a vehicle trying to switch lanes on Eastern Avenue NE.

A man in a silver Maserati jumped out and opened fire, shooting the woman. She said she’s recovering and her kids weren’t hit.

A woman was shot in the shoulder and glass was shattered all over her children after a man driving a silver Maserati opened fire into their car. The victim said she’s not sure why the man would open fire because “we didn’t say anything to each other." News4's Shomari Stone reports.

“We didn’t say anything to each other,” she told News4.

On Saturday, police arrested a food truck operator who allegedly pulled out a gun after a dispute over a parking spot outside the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Cheryl Taylor, a psychotherapist based in Bethesda, Maryland, said it's a tense time after more than a year living in a pandemic.

“People are feeling extremely stressed right now,” Taylor said.

She said drivers seem more anxious as workplaces and other places reopen.

“There is anxiety about leaving home when you’ve been in your home for a long period of time. I think there is a lot of emotion that’s pent up and built up,” she said. “People are ... sometimes on a tight wire.

Prince William County police have tips on what you can do when you see aggressive drivers.

Safety Tips for Road Rage Incidents

  • Make every attempt to get out of their way
  • Put your pride aside and don't challenge them
  • Ignore gestures and avoid eye contact
  • Don’t sink to their level — remain safe
  • Be a courteous driver
  • Report serious aggressive drivers to law enforcement
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