PHOTOS: Clear the Shelters: Here Are Local, Adoptable Pets!

Shelters in Virginia, Maryland and D.C. will waive adoption fees Saturday, Aug. 19 for Clear the Shelters, a nationwide pet adoption drive that helps find loving homes for animals in need.

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Animal Welfare League of Alexandria
Corona, a 15-year-old chihuahua, was given up in April by the owners who'd had her since she was a puppy. She is currently living in an office at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria (AWLA) because staying in a kennel would be too upsetting for her, the shelter says -- but that means that would-be adopters don't always get to meet her. AWLA says: "Corona can be fiercely loyal to those she chooses as friends, and also affectionate. She is a sassy girl, and like many of us, particular about those with whom she wants to hang out, but we know that the right home is out there for her. That home is a quiet adult household where she is the only pet, and where her human companions know how to respect her boundaries."
Animal Welfare League of Alexandria
FOREVER YOUNG FRIDAY: The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria (AWLA) says 14-year-old Sneaks is affectionately known as "Grampy." The shelter says Sneaks has overcome a lot of challenges since his arrival but never lets any of it bring him down. AWLA says, "Sneaks is a diabetic and FIV+, but thanks to our medical team and his amazing foster family, Sneaks is feeling great and ready to start his next adventure!" Sneaks patiently accepts his insulin injections twice a day and is very laid-back, the shelter says. He gets along well with people and animals, including dogs, and loves to be held.
Baltimore Humane Society
Brittany, 8, is a mellow, easy-going and well-mannered senior gal, according to the Baltimore Humane Society. She has a heart murmur and is blind in one eye, but the BHS says she's "as sweet as can be." Her online profile continues: "If I have a big comfy bed and a sofa where I can be a couch potato, you will see a happy girl for sure. In my previous home I lived with another dog. Could you please give me a chance to be back in a nice home?" Learn more about Brittany here.
Baltimore Humane Society
The Baltimore Humane Society calls 8-year-old Bowser a staff favorite -- they say he's happy, sweet, active and loving. "You can also call me social, fun loving and intelligent, I know commands like sit, down and paw," reads his profile. He loves belly rubs, peanut butter and people, and has lived with kids and another dog. Learn more about Bowser here.
Humane Rescue Alliance
TINY THURSDAY: Meet Dash! He's a 5-year-old rabbit looking for a family who doesn't mind being taken for a walk like a dog. He's located at the New York Avenue location of the Humane Rescue Alliance. Learn more about Dash here.
Humane Rescue Alliance
TINY THURSDAY: "Surely you can't be serious." "I am serious, and don't call me Shirley." -- Shirley's favorite joke. She's located at the Oglethorpe Street location of D.C.'s Humane Rescue Alliance. Learn more about Shirley here.
Humane Rescue Alliance
TINY THURSDAY: "I came here to chew on leaves and get adopted...and I'm all out of leaves." Parsley is a rabbit with attitude, currently living located at the Oglethorpe Street location of D.C.'s Humane Rescue Alliance. He doesn't like to eat parsley, though, so don't ask. He hates that joke. Learn more about Parsley here.
Humane Rescue Alliance
TINY THURSDAY: Meet Swayzie. No relation to Patrick. She's a small hamster looking for a home with people who don't mind sharing carrots and shredding their newspapers for some cozy bedding. She's located at the New York Avenue location of the Humane Rescue Alliance. Learn more about Swayzie here.
Humane Society of Washington County (Maryland), Inc.
WADDLE WEDNESDAY (Pets with Pounds to Lose): Meet Nyjah! According to the Humane Society of Washington County: "This pretty girl is a 3-year-old bulldog/beagle mix.... Despite her voluptuous, 46-pound frame, Nyjah is very active, has lots of energy and always wants to play! Nyjah is leash-trained, and she loves having something to do to stay occupied. She knows 'sit' and 'paw' and has proven time and time again that she’s one smart cookie. Nyjah isn’t fond of other animals, so she’d be thrilled to go into a home where she’s the only apple of your eye!" Learn more about Nyjah here.
Baltimore Humane Society
WADDLE WEDNESDAY: According to the Baltimore Humane Society: Albert is a quiet, laid-back boy who enjoys lounging in his bed. He can be a little shy at first, but once he's comfortable, he'll be your buddy. If you're looking for a companion to watch movies with, Albert may be the one for you. The Baltimore Humane Society says he also likes wand toys, scratching posts and catnip toys. Albert has diabetes and needs special food and insulin shots; if you have questions, feel free to ask a shelter staffer. Albert has lived with a dog and other cats in his previous homes. Learn more about Albert here.
Loudoun County Animal Services
WADDLE WEDNESDAY: Toffee is an 11-year-old hound-type dog available for adoption at Loudoun County Animal Services (LCAS). According to LCAS: "Toffee could certainly use a family who will take her on leisurely walks and help her stick to a diet to help her maintain a lower weight. As an older gal, staying on the leaner side will help her stay healthy and keep her joints pain free as she ages." Learn more about Toffee here.
DC Humane Society
TABBY TUESDAY: Say hello to Titan! Titan is at the Humane Rescue Alliance's New York Ave NE location. The shelter says Titan came to them after his owner could no longer keep him. "He is an easily handled and very vocal kind of guy who is just over a year old. What Titan needs more than anything now is a loving new home. He is just coming out of the kitten stage, so he has many years of fun and friendship to promise his new owner(s). Titan is a bit of shy guy so when you come to meet him, and he hopes you will, please give him a little time to warm up and show you what a charming addition to your home he would be." Learn more about Titan here.
DC Humane Society
TABBY TUESDAY: Hello, Jackson! Jackson also calls the Humane Rescue Alliance's New York Ave NE location home for now. The shelter says Jackson's owner had to relocate and couldn't take him along. "Jackson is a handsome Tabby who is a mellow fellow and has lived with adults and older (over ten-years old) children and even with another cat. He is an active guy who sometimes likes to talk and tell you what he thinks about things." Learn more about Jackson here.
Baltimore Humane Society
TABBY TUESDAY: Meet Crixus! This 5-year-old cutie currently lives at the Baltimore Humane Society. The shelter says Crixus can be a little unsure of a new environment at first, but he was a very affectionate lap cat at his previous home. "I love bells, catnip, and my scratching post. I lived with a dog and small children in my last home and the dog and I played together all the time. I also enjoy getting head and neck rubs from everyone!" Learn more about Crixushere.
DC Humane Society
TABBY TUESDAY: Hi, Lenny! Lenny, a 6-year-old tabby, calls the Humane Rescue Alliance's Oglethorpe Street NW location home for now. The shelter says Lenny was rescued from the street and is looking for his first home. "It's a bit hard for a guy like me who has had to fend for himself to become acclimated to shelter life. So, I'm a bit shy and reclusive. But, if you would come to meet me you might see what a great friend I could be and give me that chance to find a wonderful home." Learn more about Lenny here.
Humane Rescue Alliance
MUTT MONDAY: Meet Pancake! Pancake is at the Humane Rescue Alliance. Here's how they describe this little morsel: "looking at my pictures, you may be under the impression that I am a serious and refined girl. Well, don't be fooled! My name is Pancake, and I am just as nonsensical as my name! Although I clock in at just under 15 pounds, I guarantee I will keep you on your toes. I'm part lapdog, part athlete, and all silly. " Learn more about Pancake here.
MUTT MONDAY: Hello, Mariah! Mariah is at the Baltimore Humane Society. Here's what they had to say: "You can call me "Moo Moo" for short - everyone else does and I love it. I know you stopped to look at me because of how gorgeous I am, but there is so much more to me than just my good looks. I'm a very sweet, loving, affectionate girl who just wants a home to call her own forever. There are a few things to know about me that I think you'll love. One of them being that I am still very puppy like! I love going for long walks and using my nose to smell all the cool things around me. I also LOVE squeaky toys. A lot. I am very affectionate and I am definitely a cuddler. I also LOVE swimming in the pool!" Learn more about Mariah here.
MUTT MONDAY: Here's Pearle and Lexus! Need double the dog in your life? Here are Pearle and Lexus, a bonded pair at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter. These best friends need to be adopted together. Here's what the shelter says: "They love going on walks together. Pearle thinks she's a lap dog! Both dogs like to cuddle and will sleep in bed with you if you let them, but are just as happy to have their own beds on the floor. Do you have room for these two sweet older gals?" Learn more about Pearle here and Lexus here.
Animal Welfare League of Arlington
MUTT MONDAY: Hello, Ace! Ace is at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, which says he's a southern boy with a big heart and even bigger tail wag." " I may not be used to city life, but if you are willing to show me how to be a city dog I am willing to learn! Because I like to follow my nose where it leads me it can be a little hard to get my attention (I am a hound after all), but I would benefit from some a positive based training approach since I am a fan of treats and I'm anxious to learn!" Learn more about Ace here.
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