Top 10 Places to Hike in the DMV

Time to step off of the treadmill and out of the gym! Summer's swelter has calmed down -- for now -- so you can get your daily workout done and enjoy all the beautiful nature the DMV area has to offer.

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Old Rag Mountain is one of Shenandoah National Park's most popular hikes. It's a pretty steep climb, but the summit offers a beautiful 360-degree view of the surrounding forests. The entire circuit of the hike is about 9 miles, so the National Park Service recommends allowing 7 or 8 hours to complete the hike. DISTANCE FROM DC: About 100 miles.
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Great Falls is home to multiple trails with varying difficulty levels on the Virginia side of the falls, offering beautiful views of the Potomac River. DISTANCE FROM DC: About 20 miles.
Similar to the Virginia side, the Maryland side of Great Falls offers great hiking and views of the Potomac River. The Billy Goat Trail is attracts many hikers to this park. Choose from three sections ranging from mild to rocky, or do all three for an active day. DISTANCE FROM DC: About 18 miles.
There are about 20 miles of hiking trails in this park with beautiful scenery and pieces of American history along the way. The trails range from easy to difficult, so every type of hiker can find what they're looking for. DISTANCE FROM DC: About 70 miles.
This 4.8-mile trail in Boonsboro, Maryland, offers beautiful views (like this one!), and you can even bring your dog, as long as it's on a leash. DISTANCE FROM DC: About 70 miles.
Patapsco Valley State Park, located in Ellicott City, Maryland has 70 miles of maintained trails that stretch along the river. DISTANCE FROM DC: About 42 miles.
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Prince William Forest Park is a great Northern Virginia spot for those looking to camp, hike, bike and enjoy nature. DISTANCE FROM DC: About 45 miles.
Scott's Run, located in McLean, Virginia, has rugged terrain great for an experienced hiker. Enjoy the beautiful streams, waterfalls and rare plants along the trails. DISTANCE FROM DC: About 16 miles.
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Do you think D.C. is just a bustling city? Think again -- Theodore Roosevelt Island is a beautiful urban park, complete with a statue honoring Theodore Roosevelt and three hike-able trails. Access the park from McLean, Virginia, and enjoy this national memorial.
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Sugarloaf Mountain is a mountain near Frederick, Maryland, in the Blue Ridge Mountain range. This hike will take you approximately three to four hours, but be sure to stop for lunch along the way and take in the scenery. DISTANCE FROM DC: About 48 miles.
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