Anonymous $200,000 Donation Saves Maryland Catholic School


A Maryland Catholic school facing a six-figure budget shortfall and at risk of closing was saved by an anonymous donor.

For the past six weeks, the community at Holy Family Catholic School in Hillcrest Heights has been trying to raise $200,000 to keep the school open.

“Weeks ago, I opened a letter and there was check from an anonymous donor for $200,000,” administrator Father Matthew Fish said.

“The first thing we did was check, is it real?” he said.

For Fish, the donation is much more than a blessing; it’s a vote of confidence

“As soon as someone found out about us, about the great things we are doing here, they were willing to be a part of that vision,” he said.

Having endured weeks of uncertainty, the donation brought Principal Michelle Taylor to tears.

“We knew that we were going to be able to close the deficit, not this fast, however, but we are so grateful, so grateful,” she said.

Even at a young age, the financial challenge facing holy family was not lost on students, but they kept faith and can now see a brighter future for themselves and the school they love.

“We need to perform to our best so we don’t waste their money,” said seventh-grader Logan O'Neal.

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