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Two More Suspects Charged in SE Mass Shooting

Fifth suspect not in custody



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    One of the suspects charged in a mass drive-by shooting in southeast Washington appears to be cooperating with police.

    Charging documents for Robert Bost, Lamar J. Williams and Jeffrey Best rely heavily on statements by someone referred to as "Witness #8."

    The witness described being involved in shootings on March 22 that killed Jordan Howe and on March 30 that killed four and injured five. The March 30 shooting apparently was a drive-by targeting friends of Howe who had attended his funeral earlier in the day.

    The police affidavit doesn't name the witness but the account makes no mention of 26-year-old Nathaniel Simms, who was arrested in the killings earlier, along with Orlando Carter.

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    Bost was charged Friday in the death of Tavon Nelson, who was shot before the drive-by, News4's Aaron Gilchrist reported. Bost and another gunman shot Nelson before getting into the minivan that proceeded to the scene of the drive-by on South Capitol Street, according to court documents.

    Williams, 21, also was charged Friday, Gilchrist reported. He was not in the minivan, according to court documents, but he allegedly provided the shotgun used in the Howe slaying and the AK-47-type weapon used in the drive-by.

    A fifth suspect, Jeffrey Best, is not in custody. According to court documents, he was the other man who shot Nelson before getting into the van used in the drive-by a few minutes later, Gilchrist reported.

    Charges against a 14-year-old originally believed to be the driver in the drive-by were dropped Thursday, angering many victims' relatives.

    "I think this was just a mistake, the officer as an eye witness saying he saw the young man flee the vehicle, flee the van," said one victim's relative. "They threw the guns out. They apprehended the suspect. Now today they're saying, 'Oh, that's not the guy.'"