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Flasher Sought Along North Arlington Trail

11 incidents reported since mid-January



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    They were outside to get some exercise, but nearly a dozen women in north Arlington, Va., ended up running for the phone to call police after being flashed by a man on a local trail.

    There have been 11 incidents since mid-January, and police believe the same man may be responsible for all of them.

    Investigators said the flasher has been operating mainly along the W & OD trail, although the latest incident occurred on the nearby Custis trail.

    Police said the man hides out in secluded areas and exposes himself as women jogging or walking by. None of the victims have been touched or hurt. In all of the cases the flasher has run away after exposing himself.

    Police have increased patrols on area trails and are asking joggers to carry cell phones so that future incidents can be reported immediately.

    None of the victims had phones with them, leading to a lag in response time. When police got to the area 15 to 20 minutes later, the flasher was long gone.