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D.C. Working Moms Make Bank

But they have to watch out for crime



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    Martin Mistretta

    D.C.-area moms aren't only working hard for their money. They're also working for more money than the average employed mama in the United States.

    That's according to a new list compiled by personal finance site Mint.com, which is really like a prettier, flash-card version of the 2009 list compiled by Forbes.com. A number of factors were used to determine what working mothers value most, and D.C. comes out on top for the highest average income.

    Strangely, no dollar amount is easily found on either of those lists. (Maybe the authors aren't getting paid enough themselves.) But the Forbes folks do cite the city's wealth of federal jobs and the relativey low jobless rate. Washington ranks No. 6 for low unemployment. It's probably also worth noting that D.C.'s status as the most ballerific city for moms also includes incomes and other data from Alexandria, Va.

    However, the Washington region tends to fail for working moms who don't like getting their hard-earned stuff messed with. D.C. doesn't even touch the top 10 for cities reporting the lowest property crime rates. And the closest city that ranks for the lowest rate of violent crime is Richmond, Va. -- No. 10, according to Mint. A few more highlights:

    • D.C. is no. 4 for best pediatricians. Good news for sick kids and worried parents alike.
    • The District doesn't get high marks for quality of schools, despite coming in at No. 8 for the most spending per student.
    • The New York Metro area tops the list in all categories combined.

    See Forbes.com's list here and Mint.com's list here.