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Reflecting Pool Could Go on 2-Year Hiatus

Improvements to be made



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    The Reflecting Pool has hosted many historic events in front of the Lincoln Memorial. From Martin Luther King's “I Have a Dream Speech” in 1963 to the “We Are One” concert for President Obama’s inaugural celebration in 2008.

    But now it’s time for Lincoln's scenery to get an upgrade.

    The Reflecting Pool will close for 18 to 24 months for a renovation project, according to the Washington Examiner. The new look -- a paved, 13-foot-wide walking path and a clearer appearance of the water.

    The National Capital Planning Commission approved the National Park Service’s preliminary building plans on Thursday.  From the Examiner:

    The National Capital Planning Commission said the construction is needed because the Reflecting Pool is leaking water and settling unevenly, and the pathways surrounding it have been worn away by pedestrians.

    The renovations will solve those problems by preventing further erosion to the turf around the Pool and changing the pool’s water system.

    Currently, water is pumped into the body from a municipal drinking water source. Under the new plan, water will be drawn from the nearby Tidal Basin, which the National Capital Planning Commission said will end the pool’s dependence on the District’s water supply. Before being piped into the pool, the Potomac River water will be filtered and treated with ozone to eliminate debris and give it a clear appearance.

    To read more about the plans, click here.

    The Lincoln Memorial Reflection Pool draws 24 million visitors each year. Luckily, the public can still enjoy this attraction during the tourism season. During the fall, the pool will be drained and fenced off from the public -- and Lincoln.