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‘They Finally Got it Right': DC's COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics Receive Rave Reviews

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The District’s high-capacity COVID-19 vaccination clinics received rave reviews from many residents who showed up for their one-shot dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. 

The clinic located at the Walter Washington Convention Center was set to provide at least 2,500 people with vaccines on its first day, Saturday. Some said there were no lines and no waiting, and there were even those who said they got their shot early. 

“It was a model process. It was easy. It was wide open. It felt very safe and very professional. I’m really grateful to everyone involved,” one woman said.

Besides the convention center, D.C. also set up high-capacity clinics at the Entertainment and Sports Arena in Southeast and Providence Health System in Northeast.

Another woman said she hasn’t seen her grandkids in a year. That may change now that she and her aunt are fully vaccinated.

“It was so easy. It’s well-organized. We walked right in,” she said. “Every step of the way, we just flowed right through. It was wonderful.” 

“They finally got it right!” her aunt said. 

In Arlington, 1,500 people were expected to get vaccinated at the one-day clinic at the Lubber Run Community Center. 

Phillip Schneider was one of them. He was impressed with how well the volunteers and staff ran the site.

“It looks like the system is very well, running as you say, smoothly,” Schneider said. “I saw no glitches, I saw nobody arguing about anything, saying something’s not right. I mean, it was just clockwork.”

In Fort Washington, the county set up a mobile vaccination unit in a church parking lot.

In D.C., Maryland and Virginia, communities have worked hard to make what has been a challenging process easier and more equitable.

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