Obama Visits Lincoln

President Obama celebrated the avoidance of a shutdown by visiting the Lincoln Memorial.

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If you were hanging out on the National Mall Saturday enjoying the cherry blossoms one final time this spring, you may have run into the president.
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President Barack Obama made a surprise visit to the Lincoln Memorial.
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His visit came the day after budget negotiations with Congress prevented a government shutdown
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Had there have been a shutdown, the Lincoln Memorial would not have been open over the weekend.
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As a matter of fact, all national parks and monuments, and even the National Zoo, would have shut down at midnight. last night.
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So with no shutdown, all of these tourists (and locals) were able to take in a bit of history -- and shake the president's hand.
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It also gave them a chance to see the White House staff and Secret Service officers dodge the cameras.
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Where you there when President Obama visited? If you got any pictures or video, send it on over to us at isee@nbcwashington.com.
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