Back-To-School Tech for Students

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The MX Master 2S and MX Anywhere 2S series of wireless computer mice utilize a feature called Logitech FLOW, which allows one mouse to control everything on up to three screens on three distinct computers.
Four Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series Touch 11-inch notebook computers arranged in a circle resting on a surface. From left to right, a model in tablet mode, a model in tent mode, a model open over 180 degrees using the keyboard as a stand, and a model open over 90 degrees, facing left.
Tom Tom
The Tom Tom Spark 3 is a fitness band that not only tracks what you are doing, it can also show where you’ve been and how to enjoy the way with great music.
The SyncUp Drive plugs into a vehicle’s on-bard diagnostic system port, and it will collect information about the car’s condition, provide maintenance reminders, and alert drivers about potential car trouble.
Toysmith 4M
From growing crystals to building a walking robot to learning about dinosaur DNA, Toysmith 4M uses play to keep students interested and educate them about geology, robots, or paleontology.
Wizards of the Coast
The digital version of the Fifth Edition D&D helps players keep track of their game characters while opening up their imaginations for their adventures.
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