Fashion-Forward at Howard University

Howard students were named the second best-dressed in the nation by the Huffington Post. We headed over to get the scoop on their style.

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Gabrielle Martin
Howard students were named the second best-dressed in the nation by the Huffington Post. Although they're possibly a bold fashion choice, rompers are also comfortable -- and trendy enough to wear around campus. Taylor Johnson wears hers with Ray Ban sunglasses and bangles.
Isaiah Muhammad and Laura Facundo walk the yard in almost-matching pink and brown outfits.
Gabrielle Martin
Yolanda Murphy headed to class wearing a multi-patterned maxi dress, a low-set leather headband and strappy sandals.
Gabrielle Martin
Black and yellow is a popular color combo this season. Jazmin Monae finishes her look with a simple black cardi and flats.
Gabrielle Martin
Accessories -- like tassled sandals, a vintage-inspired tote and of course the hair bow -- can transform the look of a simple light dress.
Gabrielle Martin
Lance Coleman wears a relaxed yet sleek look to class. His wooden necklace is the finishing touch.
Gabrielle Martin
Bright patterns look fabulous in a summer atmosphere.
Gabrielle Martin
Maurice Fluitt isn't afraid of stripes and you shouldn't be, either! They look gorgeously classic with khaki cargo pants and boat shoes.
Gabrielle Martin
The plaid shirt, fitted jeans and boat shoes combo never gets out of style.
Gabrielle Martin
D'Amber Allen adds a yellow cardigan for a pop of color atop her beautifully patterned dress. And exposed zippers are one of this year's hottest trends. Check out her blue toenail polish, too.
Gabrielle Martin
Gordan Henry dresses for success in this outfit. Light pink is an excellent summer color for both women and men.
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