Wine Wednesday: Mountain Cove Vineyards

Mountain Cove Vineyards is tucked far away from the normal wear and glare of the Virginia love for wine--which should make you even more curious about what they have to offer.

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Sarah Pixley
Sarah Pixley
Mountain Cove is located at 1362 Fortunes Cove Lane Lovingston, Va. Tastings are free. Views are priceless.
A fire pit overlooks the mountain cove.
Sarah Pixley,
"If you're willing to make your way here, you deserve a free tasting," said owner Al Weed.
Sarah Pixley
Grapes vines hang over a trellis on the tasting room. Mountain Cove offers eight varieties of wine, and their Villard blanc grapes are a standout. This is the grape they use for their Skyline White, and Mountain Cove may be the only winery in Virginia still using the Villard Blanc variety.
Sarah Pixley
Al Weed started Mountain Cove Vineyards in 1976. His first batch was a dry apple wine made from local fruit. To this day, Weed still uses local fruit for his wines.
Sarah Pixley
Mountain Cove is the oldest continually active winery in Virginia, and possibly the most tucked away. That wasn't a bad thing, considering we were driving through the best views that Virginia has to offer.
Sarah Pixley
The tasting room/office was made from local red oak and yellow pine beams that came form his neighbors' hillside.
Sarah Pixley
For all you vegans, the closest vegan B&B is just 20 minutes away -- add that to the vegan wines Mountain Cove offers, and you're all set.
Sarah Pixley
A taste of the Peach Harvest and Apple Harvest wine is perfect for the summer.
Sarah Pixley
Wines made from fresh, local fruits include the Harvest Peach wine. Owner Al Weed gets the peaches from Saunders Brothers in Piney River, Va.
Sarah Pixley
Mountain Cove uses good ol' DOF (double old fashioned) cocktail glasses for the wine tastings. That's a first! When asked if we could buy a souvenir wine glass, owner Al Weed said, "Oh, you mean the fancy stemmed glasses we sell? Sure."
Sarah Pixley
The winery has nine acres under vine, eight on site and one about a mile away.
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The rustic feel of the visit made us feel as if we've just arrived at summer camp. That's a good thing!
Sarah Pixley
Summer hours are Wednesday to Sunday from Noon to 6:00 p.m.
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