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Ron Burgundy Goes Back to School



    Emerson college renames school in honor of ‘Anchorman’

    Ron Burgundy became the big man on campus - for one day only.

    On Wednesday, Boston's Emerson College renamed its communications school the “Ron Burgundy School of Communications,” in honor of the fictional TV broadcaster, played by comedian Will Ferrell.

    Ferrell, as Burgundy, visited the campus for a press conference, a renaming ceremony, and a screening of the film "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues," the sequel to the 2004 sleeper comedy smash "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy."

    "It shows that the faculty here are cool," Emerson freshman Daniel Dragicevich said to NECN of the temporary name change. "They know what we like and they are not afraid to make a joke. Like they're not too high and mighty about their school."

    While students applauded the stunt, some of the teaching staff expressed skepticism. “I don’t see what the college gets out of it, other than having its name in the media for a day," Emerson Assistant Professor of Journalism Mark Leccese told

    “We get calls from colleagues around the country asking if us if we lost our minds,” Journalism Professor Emmanuel Paraschos added. “My college roommate called me and said, ‘What are you people smoking?’”

    It was another stop for Burgundy and his polyester suit on the promotional juggernaut he has embarked on for the film. A tour that has seen Ferrell cross the country to hawk products ranging from a fictional memoir to Jockey underwear, the new Dodge Durango and, of course, "Anchorman 2."

    The onslaught of salon-quality hair and turtlenecks began over a year ago when Ferrell as Burgundy appeared on the "Conan O'Brien Show" to play jazz flute and announce the "Anchorman" sequel. That same month @RonBurgundy began tweeting.

    A year on and the first advertisement for Dodge featuring Burgundy appeared on YouTube, opening the flood gates to release weeks of promotional activities for Ferrell. According to a New York magazine report, Dodge shot 70 versions of the Durango spot with Forbes later reporting the vehicle saw a 59 percent increase in October sales from the previous year.

    While promoting "Anchorman 2," Burgundy is also promoting his autobiography, "Let Me Off at the Top! My Classy Life and Other Musings." Ferrell as Burgundy included an evening in-store appearance at a Los Angeles Barnes & Noble to sign copies of the tome for fans, some of whom had waited online since early that same day.

    Those wanting to get even closer to the fictional newsreader can purchase and slip on a pair of low-rise Y-front underpants created in Burgundy's honor by Jockey. On the product page, the underwear brand describes the briefs as "the stuff legends are made of" and explains that the "unique Y-front® fly provides ample support for your little anchorman." If that's not enough to convince you, Jockey also states that the underpants are "100% comfy cotton" and come in "stylish colors that say "I'm kind of a big deal!" according to Burgundy. Oh, and of course, they're "stylish under pleated pants."

     "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" hits theaters on Dec. 18