Heat Wave

Heat Advisories in Effect Sunday as Daytime Highs Expected to Near 100°

Sunday is the hottest day of the year so far in the D.C. area

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A heat advisory has been issued by the National Weather Service for our entire area from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m.

A District Heat Emergency Plan is in effect in D.C. starting at 10 a.m. D.C. declares a heat emergency when temperatures or the heat index reach 95°. Cooling open during a heat emergency, here's how to find a cooling center plus free transport.

"Yesterday was the sixth day in a row of temperatures above 90s, today will be seven, tomorrow will be eight," Storm Team4 Meteorologist Lauryn Ricketts said.

Daytime highs will be pushing near 100°. Because the humidity will be back in full force, temperatures will feel about 105° to 107° at times.

"It is going to feel 167 ° on the asphalt," Ricketts said.

Eleven outdoor pools in D.C. will operate with extended hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced Thursday. Go here for the list of indoor pools, outdoor pools and spray parks

There will be another chance of a stray shower or thunderstorm on Sunday, but most of the region looks to remain dry.

Heat Safety Tips

Intense heat can quickly become dangerous. Keep an eye on people vulnerable groups including newborns, infants, children and the elderly.

“Heat is one of the leading weather-related killers in the United States, resulting in hundreds of fatalities each year,” the National Weather Service says.

To stay safe in the heat, avoid strenuous outdoor activities, or move them to the cooler morning hours. Stay hydrated, opting for water and sports drinks over sugary beverages. Take shade breaks. Know the signs of heat-related illness.

Never leave a pet or kids alone in a parked car. Temperatures in cars can rise to lethal levels within minutes, even with the windows cracked, according to KidsandCars.org.

Wearing loose, light-colored clothing can also help you stay cool.

Montgomery County declared a hyperthermia alert; here's where to find resources.

Spray parks and public pools are another way to cool down. Pools are open throughout the region, and some have extended hours.

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