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The Future of the "Real World" House

Thanks to a pre-show renovation, the space is now unusable as a home



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    A few months ago we speculated on the future of the mansion in Dupont Circle that was the site of D.C.'s "Real World," which is now airing weekly. We considered a rich person buying it as a vanity home, a developer chopping it up into condos, or a small firm or non-profit using it as boutique office space. Well, according to Tierney Plumb at the Washington Business Journal, all those guesses will likely turn out to be wrong.

    Owner Douglas Development has given instructions to its broker Papadopoulos Properties to find a restaurant as a tenant. Evidently MTV gutted the inside to make way for the show’s "eight strangers," rendering the 2,700-square-foot building unusable for residential purposes. John Gogos of Papadopoulos Properties expects that a new tenant would likely do a full build-out for a restaurant.

    Aside from being beautiful real estate in its own right, the location of the house at 2000 S St. N.W. can’t be beat.

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