• Department of Housing and Urban Development Jan 22

    HUD's Fair Housing Policies Could Promote Further Racial Discrimination, Experts Say

    But fair housing advocates and organizations around the country fear that discriminatory practices could return under a proposal by Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson and the Trump administration., NBC News reports.

  • Los Angeles Nov 11, 2019

    Still a Chance? 2020 Longshots Insist Race Is Up for Grabs

    Voters cast ballots in less than three months, and the Democratic primary is still crowded with little guys. Roughly a half-dozen candidates in the very bottom tier of the Democratic presidential primary are soldiering on, hoping that even after months of campaigning without catching fire that there’s still a chance. Their resolve reflects, in part, some Democrats’ insistence that the...

  • California Nov 8, 2019

    Sen. Kamala Harris Introduces Bill to Lengthen School Day by Three Hours

    Presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., introduced a bill Wednesday that would lengthen the school day to 6 p.m. to better align with working parents’ schedules. The proposal, first reported by Mother Jones, calls for a three-hour extension of elementary school hours during weekdays and appoints money for the creation of summer programs and activities when school is not in...

  • D.C. Nov 4, 2019

    MSNBC's Climate Forum: What Happened on Day 2

    Presidential candidates took the stage for a second day Friday to detail their plans for fighting climate change as part of a televised forum hosted by MSNBC. Meanwhile, millions are joining planned demonstrations around the world calling for action on climate change, including 800 events in the U.S. In total, 12 presidential candidates – 11 Democrats and one Republican –...

  • NBC Oct 19, 2019

    HUD Knowingly Failed ‘to Comply With the Law,' Stalled Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Funds

    Two top officials with the Department of Housing and Urban Development admitted at a congressional hearing this week that the agency knowingly missed a legally required deadline that would have made desperately needed hurricane relief funding available to Puerto Rico, NBC News reported. HUD’s chief financial officer, Irv Dennis, and David Woll, the department’s principal deputy assistant secretary for community...

  • Donald Trump Oct 17, 2019

    6 Top Quotes From the Fourth Democratic Presidential Debate

    Take a look at six of the most memorable lines from the fourth Democratic presidential debate held Tuesday night in Ohio.

  • Donald Trump Oct 16, 2019

    Fact Check: Dems Debate on Guns, Syria, Health Care

    A dozen Democrats seeking the presidency tussled Tuesday night in a debate packed with policy, flubbing some details in the process. Several gave an iffy explanation of why they’re not swinging behind a bold proposal to make people turn over their assault-style weapons. Sloppiness also crept in during robust exchanges over foreign policy, health care, taxes and more.

  • Donald Trump Oct 6, 2019

    Matthew Broderick as Pompeo Joins ‘SNL' to Get Ukraine Story Straight With Pence

    The second episode of season 45 of “Saturday Night Live” continued the impeachment theme the show opened with in last week’s season premiere. Vice President Mike Pence (played by Beck Bennett) gathers former New York City Mayor and President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani (Kate McKinnon), U.S. Attorney General William Barr (Aidy Bryant) and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (“Modern...

  • D.C. Sep 21, 2019

    ‘Don't Be a Fossil Fool': Young Protesters Demand Climate Change Action

    A wave of climate change protests swept across the globe Friday, with hundreds of thousands of young people sending a message to leaders headed for a U.N. summit: The warming world can’t wait for action. Marches, rallies and demonstrations were held from Sydney to London and Cape Town to Los Angeles, and more were set to follow as the day...

  • D.C. Sep 20, 2019

    WATCH: ‘Climate Strikes' Around the World

    People around the world gathered on Friday to demand action on Climate Change.

  • Donald Trump Aug 31, 2019

    Is Trump Racist? 2020 Democrats Are Split on the Question

    A pair of Democratic presidential candidates blasted President Donald Trump as racist on Tuesday, adding to a growing debate among the White House hopefuls over how far to go in criticizing the president. In a statement to The Associated Press, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar directly called Trump a racist. “His policies on issues like voting rights and his rhetoric, including...

  • Donald Trump Jul 14, 2019

    More to Come: FTC Fine Doesn't Spell Closure for Facebook

    Facebook may be close to putting a Federal Trade Commission investigation behind it. But it faces a variety of other probes in Europe and the U.S., some of which could present it with even bigger headaches. While the $5 billion fine from the FTC, which Facebook has been expecting, is by far the largest the agency has levied on a...

  • Donald Trump Jun 29, 2019

    Moderate 2020 Dems Test If Biden Stumbles Provide Opening

    These Democrats are issuing dire warnings about the prohibitive expense of big-ticket liberal promises. They bemoan that the party is ignoring politicians who found success in areas that supported President Donald Trump. One even echoes the Republican talking point that Democrats are becoming socialists. Yet the moderates competing for the Democratic presidential nomination are running into a wall: Joe Biden....

  • Donald Trump Jun 27, 2019

    Immigration Fights, Español and More: Top Moments of the Democratic Debate Night 1

    They tried to grab the spotlight, offered policies, interrupted each other and mostly steered clear of President Donald Trump (although the biggest applause line was directed right at Trump). The Democratic contest to beat Trump next year ramped up on Wednesday with the first of two debates among the large field of candidates. Ten candidates took the stage in Miami,...

  • Donald Trump Jun 27, 2019

    Healthcare, Immigration Spark Liveliest Debate Among Democrats

    At the Democratic debate in Miami Wednesday, the 10 candidates largely agreed on what the Democratic platform should be during the 2020 presidential election. But a few major differences divided them on hot button issues that will likely define their campaigns as the primaries approach.

  • Associated Press Jun 2, 2019

    Cost of Buying Out Flood-Prone Homes: $5B and Rising

    Federal and local governments have poured more than $5 billion into buying tens of thousands of private properties over the past few decades to try to diminish the long-term costs of repeated floods.

  • Mayor May 23, 2019

    Castro, Democrat Candidates Show Support for Striking McDonald's Workers

    Democratic presidential contender Julian Castro joined a march to a McDonald’s restaurant in North Carolina on Thursday to draw attention to workers’ efforts to raise the minimum wage and secure other protections. Nearly all the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have expressed support for the idea that the federal minimum wage should be more than doubled, to $15 an hour, and...

  • California May 22, 2019

    Ben Carson Stumbles Over Acronyms in House Hearing

    Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson testified at a House Financing Committee hearing Tuesday, May 21, 2019, where representatives Joyce Beatty (D., Ohio) and Katie Porter (D., Calif.) stumped him with questions about acronyms relating to his federal department.

  • NBC NEWS May 21, 2019

    HUD Agrees to Provide $5 Million for Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Public Housing After Deaths

    The Department of Housing and Urban Development announced that it would provide $5 million to install carbon monoxide detectors in public housing, after an NBC News investigation revealed the lack of protections for millions of low-income tenants who live in federally subsidized rental units. The funding for public housing authorities represents “the first time HUD is targeting grants specifically for...

  • CONGRESS May 17, 2019

    Government Audit: Carson's $40K Office Purchases Broke Law

    Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson violated the law when his department spent more than $40,000 to purchase a dining set and a dishwasher for his office’s executive dining room, government auditors concluded. In a report released Thursday, the Government Accountability Office said HUD failed to notify Congress before exceeding a $5,000 limit set by Congress to furnish or...

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