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Oh That? It's a Goat. Why?

Police stop nets peculiar find



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    It all started Friday night at a drunken driving checkpoint in Bedford County, Va. When Fiona Ann Enderdy of Washington, D.C., got to the head of the line, deputies asked her about the strange noises emanating from the back of her car.

    Good question.
    The answer was even better: It was a goat, bound and shoved into the trunk.
    You wouldn’t expect it to ride up front with Enderdy and her four passengers, would you?
    She explained she had bought the goat from a farmer as a gift for the passengers, who are from Kenya but live in Lynchburg, The News and Advance reported.
    Enderdy also noted that she is from the United Kingdom and transporting goats in that manner (tied and trunk-bound) is considered acceptable.
    Perhaps, but deputies called Animal Control officers, who said the goat was panting heavily and the temperature in the trunk was 94 degrees.
    Enderdy was charged with animal cruelty and released.
    It’s still not clear whether the goat was bound for the dinner table, a good milking or perhaps a cashmere sweater.
    The animal was given a checkup and sent to the pound. A hearing will determine where the goat goes next, and how it gets there.