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Dirty Diapers Clogging Pipes in Virginia

Officials in Colonial Beach want whoever is flushing them to stop



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    The water is not flowing easily in Colonial Beach, Va., these days.  That’s because someone won’t stop flushing diapers down the toilet.

    According to Fredericksburg.com, the problem is coming from the Stratford Street sewer pump station that serves about 100 residences in the Riverside Meadows area.

    "It’s a real problem. It’s costing lost of money and causing lots of headaches, “ Robert Murphy, director of Public Works, told Fredericksburg.com.

    The town has already spent thousands of dollars over the last 18 months trying to unclog the drains.  Officials said it appears to be a mix of diapers and rags causing the blockage.

    In an attempt to stop the problem, the Public Works Department has mailed out notices about a town ordinance that prohibits flushing non-biodegradable material.

    "We're not trying to single anybody out. We just want to make them aware of what is going on," Murphy told Fredericksburg.com.

    The department is also using a new $10,000 video camera to inspect the sewer system to find where it's coming from. So if it’s you, please put your diapers in the trash!