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Coughlin Fumes After Skins Sign "Benedict Andre"

New Skins QB knows Giants' plays and info



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    Didn't his mother ever warn him that if he keeps making that face, one of these days it would stick?

    What's pink, puffy and screams a lot when it's not whining?  Right, it's Tom Coughlin!

    The Giants coach, perhaps more than anyone else, is upset at how the race for the Skins' third QB played out.  While Coughlin probably wasn't rooting for Chase Daniel or Colt Brennan, he's certainly cheesed off enough about who the Skins turned to.

    With Colt on the IR and Daniel to New Orleans, the Skins signed Andre Woodson to the practice squad.  Up until a few days ago, Woody was in Giants camp, learning signals, plays and all sorts of good info. 

    Conveniently, the Skins open up on Sunday against the Giants, and Coughlin is concerned about the information Woodson could be sharing with the Skins.  As the NY Post subtly puts it: "Coughlin sees Woodson as Benedict Andre."

    Coughlin himself wasn't so subtle, telling reporters, "It's pretty obvious why he's there. There's no question that's what's going on."

    Not surprisingly, Coach Zorn has a different take: "I would say initially that wasn't the reason to have Andre Woodson here.  We looked at him a year ago. We drafted Colt, they drafted Andre. With him getting released, we had the chance to take a look at him... to develop him a little bit."

    Coughlin insisted that, although he's seen it done, he's never brought in a player for these reasons since he's been with the Giants.  The Giants' signing of 2008 Skins' practice-squadder Nehemiah Broughton is pure coincidence and solely on-field related, no doubt.

    Presumably the Giants now get to spend a few hours this week altering their audible signals and figuring out some alternate snap counts -- all valuable information Woodson would be able to pass on to the Skins defense.

    The Giants coach said that you'd be surprised by the amount of information a mole can provide.  The 2003 Super Bowl turned, in part, because the Bucs knew the audibles the Raiders were calling, because Oakland never changed many of the signals when coach Jon Gruden left for Tampa.

    Nobody expects Woody's info to lead to a domination like that, but the Giants running backs can't be relishing the thought of Albert Haynesworth anticipating a snap count or two.