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Blackout for the Skins

Break out your black T-shirts



    Blackout for the Skins
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    I spy someone wearing black.

    The Skins might be blacked out this weekend. Breathe easy, dear TV viewer. You'll still be able to watch them on your 64" picture tube. But if you look up in the stands, you'll notice a whole lot of black shirts, at least if one blog has its way.

    Burgundy Revolution is looking for ways to "honor" the Skins' decade of mediocrity. Paper bags won't work, since the Skins banned 'em, but what can they do about the simple black T-shirt? Not much.

    Their call-to-action:

    Tell all your friends about it, update your FB status, tweet it out, tweet it to the big names so we can get a RT! Call people! Everyone needs to wear black.... We want the stadium to be dark for the KC game. We love this franchise and are deeply saddened, show Snyder that we are together! As @riggo44 said in his video, It's time for Linus to give up his blanket (

    Dan Snyder needs to back off and fire Vinny Cerrato... or even better, sell the team!

    The fans hope not just to hit Danny visually, but in the pocketbooks, too.  They're urging attendees to not buy the over-priced beer or the stale popcorn.  But since the tickets are already bought and paid for, you might as well show up and be visible.

    Will it work?  Fan-sponsored protests rarely get the sort of widespread notice that they need to be successful.  If 300-400 fans wear black, scattered throughout the stadium, nobody will notice.  Or care.  They'll be lost in a sea of burgundy (and those empty yellow seats).