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Agent Zero Wants You To Be His Friend

Only 999,000 more to go!



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    Love me, please!

    Gilbert Arenas just wants some friends.  The Zards' superstar is apparently feeling unloved and unwanted, in the midst of a depressingly long six-game losing streak.

    Agent Zero's campaign to be normal, to be silent, to be, well, boring is about to end -- or so it seems.  His buddy JaVale McGee tweeted yesterday that Mr. Zero would start to twitter as soon as he got 1 million followers.  (Maybe he meant "dollars"?)

    One day later, dear ol' Gil is up to a tick over 1,000 Twitter followers.  Only 999,000 to go!  At this pace, Gilbert's contract might be over by the time he gets there.

    But the bigger (and perhaps more disappointing question) is whether this fake, normal and boring Gilbert is all just an act -- a way for him to draw more attention to himself.  Gilby's revamped Web site just happened to debut a new promo video yesterday -- on the even of a much-anticipated game with the Crab Dribbler.

    Is Agent Zero about to return? The fun-loving, what-the-hells-he-gonna-do-next quasi-super star that drew many new 'Zards fans into the bandwagon is coming back?

    Truth About It certainly wonders:

    "With the sudden push, one can’t help but feel like much of Agent 180’s somber schtick has been a “Syke! I was just playing” moment. Well … not the 2-7 record. You can’t necessarily blame that on Arenas’ off court marketing efforts.

    Whatever the rhyme or reason behind Arenas’ persistent quirkiness, it’s easy to be encapsulated by this ongoing tale that relates one of the most unique characters of basketball in the last three decades. If you’re not, you’re probably the type who watches Twilight."

    Hey, don't go knockin' Twilight!

    Whatever the reasons, go follow Gil.  And be sure to invite a few hundred thousand of your closest friends.  Otherwise we could all be waiting for a while.