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Terrorists Foiled 4 or 5 Times in Recent Weeks: Sen. Webb

But al Qaeda is not to blame



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    Democratic U.S. Senator Jim Webb

    Has Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) gone over the deep end?

    During an interview on C-SPAN's "Washington Journal" show Thursday, Webb said: "We just had four or five different viable threats here reported over the past few weeks of activities, terrorist activities, that we were able to stop."

    And "they weren't coming from Afghanistan," added the Armed Services Committee member, who served in Vietnam and is a former journalist.  

    According to The Hill, it's unclear as to which terrorist plots the Senator was referring. Because that Najibullah Zazi character, the one who was arrested for planning to attack New York City, is from Afghanistan. So we're guessing that plot doesn't count.

    Two men were indicted last month in North Carolina for allegedly planning to attack the Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Va., and a grand jury recently indicted a Jordanian for allegedly plotting to blow up a skyscraper in Dallas, The Hill reported.

    We might not be great at math, but those two examples don't quite make up "four or five different viable threats."   

    Webb's office, meanwhile, is not talking. 

    We would try to listen to his C-Span interview again, in hopes of deciphering what exactly he's talking about, but we're not sure it would yield anything new. (That, and we need to stay awake for a few more hours at least.) So if you've got any theories, do tell. Someone in D.C. must know what he's talking about.