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Rest Easy, Everybody, Hill Staffers Will Survive Swine Flu

Vaccines heading to the Hill



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    The streets may be piled high with the corpses of swine flu-stricken constituents, but we can be secure in the knowledge that Capitol Hill employees will be mostly safe from the swine flu scourge. The political machines will not be stopped!

    That's because vaccines for the H1N1 virus will arrive later this month, so assured officials at the Office of the Attending Physician.

    And while, according to The Hill newspaper, members of Congress won't receive preferential treatment for the order in which they receive the vaccine, the fact that many of them are older and more high risk means that they'll probably have first priority to the vaccines. And isn't THAT convenient?

    Meanwhile, physicians with the OAP had to quash rumors that by Oct. 15 20 percent of office employees will be out with the flu. They stressed that plans should be in place if significant amounts of the workforce has to be out of work due to illness, including the possibility of working from home if they or a family member is sick.