Pop-Up Museum in Los Angeles Examines OJ Simpson's Legacy

A pop-up museum "dedicated to examining the legacy of disgraced sports superstar" O.J. Simpson is coming to Los Angeles Aug. 18-22. The five-day exhibit will be housed at the Coagula Curatorial Gallery and will feature dozens of artifacts dating back to Simpson's 1995 double murder-trial.

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Coagula Curatorial/AP Photo
O.J. Simpson poses for a Hertz rent-a-car ad (left). On the right, Simpson holds up his hands before the jury after putting on a new pair of gloves similar to the infamous bloody gloves during his double-murder trial in Los Angeles on June 21, 1995.
Coagula Curatorial
A collection of 60 bootleg O.J. Simpson T-shirts from his 1995 double-murder trial will be on display at the pop-up museum.
Coagula Curatorial
A pocket knife that reads “O.J.’S LAST RUN JUNE 17, 1994 ‘FROM FAME TO SHAME’” is one of dozens of artifacts dating back to Simpson’s 1995 criminal trial at the museum.
Coagula Curatorial
A vintage O.J. Simpson T-shirt from the 1995 trial features scenes from the Los Angeles court room.
Coagula Curatorial
An undated Hertz rent-a-car "Superstar Fun Book" featuring the Heisman trophy winner will be on display at the O.J. Museum.
Coagula Curatorial
An inside look at the Hertz "Superstar Fun Book" featuring O.J. Simpson, who appeared prominently in commercials for the rent-a-car service.
Coagula Curatorial
Original artwork depicts Judge Lance Ito, the prosecution and the defense in what was dubbed the "Trial of the Century."
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