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The redesigned site has a complete back-end overhaul designed to improve your experience

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Welcome to the new NBCWashington.com! As you can see, we've given the site a facelift overnight — our desktop and mobile sites look completely different this morning than they did last night. Not only that, but they're powered by a brand new back end.

This new site is designed with the user in mind. We're using modern design with a clean interface, to make it easy for you to find the content you want and easy to read or watch it once you do. We've rebuilt the back end from the ground up to make it faster for you, too.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • The home page has a new clean look that highlights the most important stories at the top, and then groups stories together by topics as you scroll down the page. An iconic cityscape backdrop atop the page roots the top stories in the city itself.
  • Live videos, including newscasts and breaking news events, will be easy to find. When we're streaming live, you'll find the video in a prominent spot atop the page, just next to the lead story.
  • Our weather widget remains in a prominent spot on the home page, so you can access our exclusive radar technology and weather forecasts to plan your day (and your wardrobe). The weather page has been redesigned to make it easier for you to get the key information you need, including the hourly forecast, the latest forecast from our meteorologists and the 10-day forecast.
  • When we dig deep into a subject, including big stories from the News4 I-Team and NBC4 Responds, we'll have special articles designed to best highlight the storytelling elements. These articles will blend together text, video and graphics to create an immersive user experience.
  • Special events such as the Olympics, the Golden Globes and the presidential election will look special. We've created a special homepage look designed to highlight these events when they happen.

We've also made changes in the back end that you don't see but will make your experience better.

First and foremost, our publishing system is much easier to use, so more journalists in our newsroom will be able to contribute to digital platforms. This means the reporter who knows the story best can own it across all platforms, getting you the important information on your TV, computer or phone.

We've also simplified the templates that power the site and made it fully responsive. This will make it easier for our development team to maintain the site and build new features. So what you see now is the foundation — we'll keep finding ways to make the experience better for you.

Speaking of which, we want your feedback. Love the new look? Hate it? Is there a feature you're dying to see? Let us know. We're determined to continue to build our digital platforms to make NBC Washington the best local news experience.

- The NBC Washington team

Take a look at the evolution of NBCWashington.com over the years:

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