Redskins: More Drama Than Winning

A leadership vacuum in Redskins' Nation

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The Redskins look to rebound after an embarrassing loss to Michael "Mr. Everything" Vick and his Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football. The mobile quarterback accounted for 413 total yards and six touchdowns as the Eagles added to the drama in the Skins' camp by providing a 59-28 beatdown to lackluster Washington.

With Vick in the rear view mirror, Washington sets its sights on another mobile quarterback in Tennessee's Vince Young. Young is still struggling to find his place in the Titans' offense but the newly acquired Randy Moss will provide a spark in the passing game and open up the field for Tennessee's elite running back Chris Johnson.

If Washington is still still woozy from last week's drubbing, the Titans will gladly administer some additional pain and finish off the Skins. A quick score by the Titans and Washington might not have the heart to get up off the mat.


  1. The prodigal son Albert Haynesworth returns to the place where it all started. Haynesworth will make his first trip back to Tennessee after signing his mega-deal with Washington -- that's seven-years, $100 million for anyone keeping track. Haynesworth got off to a rough start doing more talking than tackling, but has slowly turned things around.  He has recorded a sack in two of his previous three games. The oft-unmotivated Haynesworth has all the motivation in the world to play well this week, so look for a monster game from the defensive tackle (or is it nose guard?)
  2. Donovan McNabb just signed a Tom Brady-esque contract extension last week -- that's five-years, $78 million for anyone keeping track -- and then laid an egg on Monday night. McNabb now resides on a higher pay scale than Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger and Drew Brees (read between the lines - all are Super Bowl winning quarterbacks). However, that doesn't put a lid on the questions that are swirling around Redskins' nation about whether or not McNabb is the answer for the Skins or just another Daniel Snyder love affair.

    All those questions could be put off another week if McNabb begins playing up to his new contract extension. His completion percentage is the lowest since his rookie season. He is averaging over an interception a game and is three away from surpassing his highest total in a season. He hasn't yet reached double digits in touchdowns. And most importantly, he needs to become the vocal leader on offense for his team.
  3. Randy Moss plays big in big games. This will be his coming-out party to the Tennessee Titans fans as it is his first home game for the Titans. The Redskins defense gives up on average 287-yards through the air and 129-yards on the ground -- translation: everyone is having big games against the Skins' defense. It will be interesting to see how Tennessee's coach Jeff Fisher uses Moss this week, and if he makes a conscious effort to get him some additional touches. However, the bigger question will be whether the Redskins' defense can stop, contain, slow or simply get in the way of the Titan's talent trio: Young, Johnson and Moss.


The Redskins will make it interesting this week but will not be able to overcome the costly second-half turnovers. 

Washington Redskins 17 – Tennessee Titans 28


Washington Redskins @ Tennessee Titans (LP Field) 1:00 p.m.

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