New Laws Go Into Effect in Maryland Sunday

New state laws going into effect Sunday will allow students to use sunscreen at school, increase minimum wage in Montgomery County and educate school employees on how to recognize child sex abuse.

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Starting next school year, students must be given age-appropriate instructions on the meaning of "consent."
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Students will be able to have and use sunscreen on school property or at school-sponsored activities without written permission.
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Beginning July 1, minimum wage will increase in Montgomery County. Businesses with 51 or more employees must pay workers $12.50 per hour while employers with 50 or fewer workers will be required to pay employees $12 per hour.
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School employees will receive annual training on the prevention, identification and reporting of child sexual abuse.
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Property owners who want to rent out rooms or homes for fewer than 30 consecutive days will have to apply for a $150 license.
This new law will authorize a court to order the MarylandnDepartment of Health to evaluate a defendant, develop a treatment plan and to determine whether the defendant is a danger to himself or other no later than 48 hours after that person is found incompetent or not criminally responsible due to a mental disorder.
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Small businesses that meet a certain criteria will be able to use a tax credit against the state income tax.
This law will establish the Affordable Housing Commission for Prince George’s County. The commission will examine the state of affordable housing in the county and will be required to reported their findings on or before Jan. 1, 2019.
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Emergency medical services providers and law enforcement officers will be able to report overdoses using a certain information technology platform. They will also be immune from criminal liability for making a report.
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