Nellie's Hires Activist to Help With Diversity Training; Protests Continue

Black woman dragged down the stairs by bouncer more than a month ago

Nellie's protest

The owner of a D.C. bar issued a public apology to a woman who was dragged down stairs by a bouncer more than a month ago, but protests continued outside the bar Friday night.

The incident between the security guard and Keisha Young at the popular gay sports bar Nellie’s was caught on camera.

Nellie’s owner, Doug Schantz, apologized in a written statement and fired the security team that was hired to protect the guests during Pride Week.

Nellie’s went a step further Friday by hiring LGBTQ+ activist Ruby Corado as their manager and director of community engagement.

“I have been trying to make sure that we address the issue of community interaction,” Corado said. “So I know that what happened here, I believe that needs to be addressed.”

Demonstrators say hiring Corado is a public relations stunt.

“It seems as though a last-ditch ploy,” one said. 

The protesters want Nellie’s to release more surveillance video of what happened and agree to a public community listening session.

In a written statement, Schantz said, “We are committed to restoring our customers' and community’s faith in Nellie’s to always be a safe and welcoming space for all of our guests.”

Corado said she will let Schantz know about the protesters’ demands. She said he is willing to listen.

Corado’s responsibilities include assisting Nellie’s staff in receiving ongoing diversity, sensitivity and inclusion training. The training will focus on the concerns of LGBTQ+ people of color.

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